i, mario

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Image of the Moment

--Some gamers are talking about What If Nintendo made a violent and realistic Mario game? (Called "I, Mario".) There's an concept art image gallery which includes this size chart...I love the almost Lovecraftian sense of evil these silhouettes provide -- here's the full version. It goes from Mario and Luigi on the left all the way to Thwomp and Bowzer on the right.

I haven't read too much of the pages and pages of discussion, but I wonder how many of the gamers realize how many aspects of that 1993 Mario Brothers movie (you know, the one that stars Latino John Leguizamo as Luigi...as long as he's swarthy, I guess.) Especially the work on a realistic Yoshi. Heh...I took Ross to see it when I was going out with his sister...it wasn't quite as terrible as people assumed. I remember two things: really having to go to the bathroom duing the middle of it, and Samantha Mathis' lovely purple-shifting-to-white dress, scanned here from the soundtrack. (Decent soundtrack, btw.)

Product Video of the Moment
If you want to see what Chickens have nightmares about it must be the E Z Catch Harvester that sweeps through Chickens like they were wheat and puts them into pens. Make sure to click on the link for the video of it in action. (via BoingBoing)