October 18, 2006
I saw the Boston Globe headline the other day, Tech sector spurs state's economic recovery.

Well, that's good news. Evil B has recently found a job much closer to what he set out to do in computerdom, and while earlier this year the headhunters were relatively quiet, its picked up a bit as of late.

The reading recently how nation-wide there are probably less high-tech jobs than before the late90s boom... well, I take solace in my pseudo-daoist outlook; this field started to feel like my "uncarved block" sometime during college, and going with that flow has done pretty well for me...I've stayed gainfully employed through the big post-Boom shakeout, recovering fairly easily after back to back layoffs a year apart, and there's no particular reason to think the bottom is going to totally fall out.

Quote of the Moment
Q: What led you to resist merchandising Calvin and Hobbes?
A: For starters, I clearly miscalculated how popular it would be to show Calvin urinating on a Ford logo. . . .
It was obviously his decision to make, but I do think merchandising is a part of the cultural communication between artist and audience, one of the the few ways to make it a dialog of sorts.

Warnings of the Moment
Speaking of the Tech Sector... a subset of Warning Signs for Tomorrow-- new threats in a hyper-technological future. Sure, some will never come to pass, but still... cool page. (thanks LAN3!)