portugal: berardo museum / aqueduct / bicatravel

September 26, 2009

--from a Series of Video Game makeovers. Would be fun to use graphics like this in a real game.

Photoblog of the Moment
My antepenultimate morning in Portugal! That pretty much stretched right into my penultimate morning in Portugal...
Breakfast, rolls with cheese and/or nutella-

I guess Marcos' street can be pretty quiet...

So Marcos and I set out for the "Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art". Here is an action shot of a tram he liked...

I think this is the monastary--

Amber-- DISASTER FILM! (I actually have little idea what that's about.)

Marcos thought the architecture blended in with the area well - actually this is kind of across the street from the Bethlehem Tower.

Abstract work of green glass outside the museum,

or rather, of many wine bottles-

A call to arms to create!

"Google Plane" had a sky painte underneath and aeriel shots of the ground painted on top. This is where a helpful guy told us that while the area is littered with banners mentioning the free ticket nature of Berardo, it's not actually, you know, available as they switch stuff around over this month.

Its ok though - one of the exhibits they did have was "quick, quick, slow" (and a right sexy name for an exhibit that is), a part of a multi-site "EXD'09 Experimental Design" set of exhibits. "quick, quick, slow", subtitled "word, image, and time" had some cool historical bits as well as some web- and java-based things not unlike some of the Java processing stuff I do. You can see this Calendar that John Maeda made for Shiseido in 1997. (I need to check out the rest of his site)

One of the historical pieces, this one was showing the divorce rate in German in the first part of the 20th century.

Another one of those things you could see online - it had a potentially interesting study in historical and comissioned screensavers, but as soon as you wiggled the mouse it just went back to this not so interesting page, with some links.

They also had a collection of great movie opening credits, from "North by Northwest" to "Lost in Translation". Back in the lobby, I liked how they showed what you can and can't do in the place.

Then we had lunch with Marcos' best friend Diogo... the riverside restaurant had a great setting.

Man, rental scooters - you'd have to be a bit brave to take one of those around town I think.

We happened to see his kids heading home with the sitter so we gave them a lift... sleepy family moment.

Then Marcos and I set out to see the aqueduct from the top--

It's kind of nice how it curves along. There were just too sleepy park guard types at one end, I'm sort of surprised its not more popular, but then again, maybe not.

At one point because of some construction you have to duck inside and go across.

Overlooking the town

Nice views.

Looked like a model trainset...

Coming back the sky looked threatening, but you know, I've never seen rain in Portugal.

Door art.

Dunno what kind of berries these are--

Ahh, beautiful time to lay back and watch the planes...

Ok, enough of that, time for futebol!

So for dinner, 10ish (it is striking how much more night-oriented life is here) we went to the restaurants and bars riverside. They had fish--

Marcos and Eliane--

It was under the bridge - the howl of the traffic was something. As were the fish...

These fish are the river's equivalent of scroungy pigeons or rats--

So we came home, then around midnight it was time to head out. We met up with his older brother Manuel and HIS friend Diogo, and then we went to Bica-- I think this is the "Elevador da Bica" for the long and steep-ish street. Most of the life seems to be spilled out on the street, as you can kind of see behind the trolley.

Marcos, Diogo.

In one of the bars, they had one of those claw machines, but it was crumpled up, original signed and numbered artwork.


Working the crowd was a guy selling veggie burgers...

Alright, time to look for another bar.

Entrance to the next place was kind of under the bridge--

Not many worthwhile shots from inside, where it some kind of book launch party was wrapping up, but by the time we were done it was - yees, 4?

We had to go walk for Marcos' car--

but we'd have to rush back / to the towns best baker / to get the first bread of the morning / there's more to life than this...

...for example, at the other bakers, there are those super tasty Berliner-type dounts.

Marcos family has an apartment right next to brilliant poet Fernando Pessoa, he of the Heteronyms...

http://www.universityonyouthanddevelopment.org/ - Marcos set this up, with his role in the Council of Europe (sort of a non-defunct European League of Nations)