kirk's biography in lists
Things I find important in music:
  1. Rhythm
  2. Lyrics
  3. Clever Hooks
  1. Snow
  2. People who are certain about the big issues
  3. Lingerie (the scratchy looking kind)
  4. Loud and high-toned noises
Things I Never Leave The House Without:
  1. Wallet
  2. Keys
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Digital Camera
  5. iPhone (replacing:)
    • PalmPilot
    • Cellphone
  1. Being too lazy for my own good.
  2. Life being too short.
  3. Having no big goal in life.
  4. Cataclysms in General. Y2K, "Outbreak", Environmenal Breakdown. Makes me antsy.
  5. Unplanned pregnancy.
People I look like:
  1. My Mom
  2. Nazi-Guy from Indiana Jones, the one who gets his palm branded
  3. Cambell's Soup Kid
  4. Cabbage Patch Kid
  5. Cannibal from Con Air
  6. Barenaked Lady Guy
Some websites I've worked on, in roughly chronological order
  1. The Blender of Love
  2. Alien Bill
  3. Barron's Online
  4. Vote-by-Net
  5. E*trade
  6. The Contruction Site
  8. NineWest Online Store
  9. Sportsman's Guide
  10. BankPass
  11. ZipTran
  12. PeopleStreet
  13. Lesson Logic
  15. Gale
  16. E-coursepacks
  17. Taxware
  18. Refresh Software
  19. Society for Neuroscience
Biggest Disapointments
  1. Not getting into the Ivy league. I wouldn't have thought to apply, but one sent me an application, possibly based on standardized test scores.
  2. Not living happily ever after with my first college romance. I told myself I was going to woo and win the first person I fell for in college. There was a romance, but it didn't keep.
  3. Not becoming a writer. Or a teacher. Or a lego engineer.
  4. Not being rich.
  5. My dad dying while I was still a boring graceless adolescent.
  6. Having a marriage that seemed great but ended in divorce.
Places I've Lived
  1. Philadelphia (3 months)
  2. Cleveland (2 years)
  3. St. Thomas (1 year)
  4. Cincinnati (1 year)
  5. Salamanca NY (5 years)
  6. Glens Falls (3 years)
  7. Suburbs of Cleveland
    1. Cleveland Heights (2 years)
    2. Euclid (4 years)
  8. Suburbs of Boston
    1. At Tufts:
      1. Lewis Hall (1 year)
      2. Hodgdon Hall (2 years)
      3. Metcalf Hall (1 year)
    2. Waltham (apartment, 1 year)
    3. Cambridge (1 year)
    4. Cambridgeport (1 year)
    5. Arlington (with Mo, 1 year)
    6. Watertown (1 1/2 years)
    7. Waltham (2 1/2 years)
    8. Arlington Center (4 years)
    9. Boston
    10. Arlington (with Amber)
    11. Arlington (with Miller)
    12. Somerville
Crushes, Romances, Flings
  1. Melanie
  2. KJ
  3. Heidi
  4. Chris
  5. Lynn
  6. Melody
  7. Candi
  8. Deidre
  9. Tony
  10. Shannon
  11. Randi
  12. Jenny
  13. Veronika
  14. Deb
  15. Marnie
  16. La Dona De Las Uvas
  17. Rebekah
  18. Dawn
  19. Alex
  20. Lena
  21. Carly
  22. Jen M
  23. Jen T
  24. Mo
  25. Ksenia
Romantic Associations
  1. fedoras
  2. soda can pulltabs
  3. "Unchained Melody"
  4. minivans
  5. waiting, waiting for shooting stars
  6. crunching through leaves whistling "It's a Wonderful Night for a Moondance"
  7. Tennis on the Atari
  8. blue dresses
  9. tying the laces of a pair of (plaid) chucks
  10. tapioca pudding
  11. a white and black directors chair (now broken)
  12. bottles of liquid soap with figurines inside
  13. a sunflower
  14. pieces of ginger
  15. the wet warmth of crawling in bed after a shower
  16. "Turnpike" as the name for a first child
  17. absurdly huge tubs of movie popcorn
The Incomplete List of Kirkisms (compiled by PM, when we worked at IDD)
  1. Get the friggin' integer ass. (said to the Java compiler)
  2. Well, I sure hope I get to New York tonight. (sigh) - Fuck a duck, fuck a duck, fuck a duck duck duck
  3. Hang on while I stamp out a nipple (while brandishing a hammer)
  4. I gotta read that sex book
  5. You fish and chips snarfelling waffler. (said to Paul, born in England).
  6. Ah, shoot off a nipple. Ooh. That would hurt. (said while pointing a gun at Paul's chest.)
  7. If libertarian ideals are so great, how come we use the English measurement system?
  8. Kirk: But Paul, I want to be a hero-- Paul: Yeah, but you don't want to be marketing's hero
  9. I want to have an artgasm.
  10. I wish I knew how to sing Lawrence Welk music.
  11. These bubbles make me happy as a little girl.
  12. I'd come crawling back to her in a minute if I thought I had a third of a chance.
  13. Wanna smell a nut?
  14. Don't threaten me. Don't threaten my manhood.
  15. (answering phone) Magic NetGravity Fairy
  16. That nail is an extension of me. You touched me!
  17. Lawrence Welk really had the right idea.
  18. I'm a software developer- I don't need shoes.
  19. Now my wrists are gonna get all sore.
  20. The reason that dogs chase cars is that they think they are giant buffalo and they want to herd them- or something.
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