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Re: dinner etc. (from k to r, 26 Sep 1995)

On Tue, 26 Sep 1995, Rosetta wrote:
> sorry, but i don't have a life until the weekend after this one...  yeah,
> it sucks, but whatcha gonna do?  been listening to tubas in the
> moonlight, tho'...

 Ok.  If you do ever get any life back, let me know if
you're willing to share a little of it with me?

Hope you like the mix- I listened to it a few times, it seems a pretty
good balance, better than the one right before it maybe.  I like the
attitude in "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" and some of the drum work.  For
some reason I've really been getting into song and prose lines about
regret for accidently hurting people.

I also really like the Commitments song "I can't stand the rain"
Interesting contrast to "I wish it would rain"  At first the Commitments
album didn't seem very good, but a lot of the songs started to grow on me.

I just got your mail.  You're right, you and L. together makes me a
little awkward.  Though for some reason I'm always fascinated by how
different relations of mine relate to each other.  I like it when they
like each other.  Does that make any sense?

(I also feel a little weird being around you and G., not able to be quite
at ease.)


I hope your program and rehersal go beautifully.  And honest, CS faculty
*adore* people who break problems into nice, neat little discrete
functions.  Honest.
			My function-call to your return();

-O\O  Kirk Is            Come visit the Blender of Love: NEW LOCATION
( = )
"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." --/usr/bin/fortune

Through the twilight,
I can hear the humming
Of a melancholy tune.
For the memories that still linger,
I thank you Mr. Moon.
And, although I've never smiled,
Winter, summer, autumn too,
Now here's one tune to remind me
why I feel so blue...
Tubas in the Moonlight
Playing for me all night
Tell me what I want to hear...
Am I only dreamin'?
Am I only schemin?
Stars above me,
shining brightly...
Why can't she be
sitting here beside me?
Tubas in the moonlight
Will bring my loved one home

--Dave Gannett / Bonzo Dog Band , "Tubas in the Moonlight", on a mixtape I made for her. I made a lot of mixtapes for her, spent a lot of time and thought on the mixes as well as the covers. See the movie "High Fidelity" for more on how important mixtapes can be...

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