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latenight thoughts (from k to r, 8 Sep 1995)

As the clock begins to reach 1:30am, and the Win95 install gage hovers
around the 65% mark, one begins to reask the old question about the
relationship between Computer and Man: Who's serving who here?  And one's
brain tends to drift towards happier times, namely a few hours ago, and
that same brain has a habit of getting filled with rather lustful ideas
and memories.

Rosetta, this past week or two has been absolutely wonderful.  I cringe
at using such a uninspiring word, but it's the only one I can think of
right now.  (In fact, I just checked with the Microsoft Word 6.0
Thesaurus, and it doesn't have any better ideas.  Stupid computer.)
Being with you, being close to you, it adds a sense of, I dunno,
roundness, completion, to everything.

I know all life is subject to change, including this, and my life isn't
going to come crashing down if something goes wrong between us.  Still,
life feels more balanced with you than without you, and I hope It stays.

My Peter to your Paul and Mary,


-O\O  Kirk Is            Come visit the Blender of Love: NEW LOCATION
( = )
"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea." --/usr/bin/fortune

Jeez, I remember that night. Installing Win95 from floppies was a really bad idea, and this e-mail captures some of the surrealness of that evening, after having spent time with her for a bit.

Really stupid thing to say, but it's odd to think how before this, I must've been only using DOS and Win3.1. As much as I hate to say it, its UI has played a huge part in my life since then, since I'm on PCs so much for both work and fun.

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