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genius (from k to r, 18 May 1996)

Salvador Dali said "to be genius we must *play* at being geniuses"  

The guy was cracked in a lot of ways but I think he got this
one just right.  Being geniuses, being artists, being writers, 

being in love.

He didn't say 'pretend', he said 'play', and I think that's 
an important difference: a sense of whimsy, of not taking 
things too seriously, of playing: that's what can make the
difference between everything and nothing.

Last night we were talking about if I have any whims that you
could cater to.  One would be to not be self-conscious about
letting me look at you, 'let me drink to thee with mine eyes' 
or some such, revel in being in the presence of one of the most
beautiful creatures I know.  Just an idea.  If it really leaves 
you uncomfortable, then don't.  (And the thing is, just like 
I'm not analyzing the landscape when I gaze out your window, 
but letting my vision feed some of the tangents in my head,
I'm not scrutinizing you either, just subconciously appreciating
your purity of line and rhythm of your movement...)

Ok, off to that silly ceremony...

ever kirk
I still think a sense of play is important. That's one of the things I really have well with Mo.

I think the "silly ceremony" might be Phi Beta Kappa...I played at least some cards right at my school!

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