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Re: your mail (from r to k, 7 Jun 1996)

hmm...  my mum wants to take me to a movie tonight, since we hadn't made 
any definite plans (i thought) i said ok.  would you mind doing something 
next week?  maybe coffee at cafe liberty?  or something?

i'm having strange jealous feelings, partly because erica hasn't bothered 
to return my email, partly because the thought of you kissing jen isn't 
sitting so well with me.  how hypocritical.  i need to think a bit.


I was seeing Jen during this semester, and into the summer after (which is when this e-mail occurred.) It was a good romance, and I had a lot of affection for her, but it was always kind of in the shadow of R, and I'm sorry for that.

I believe this marks the last e-mail from our time at the University.

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