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Re: laundry (from r to k, 16 Jun 1996)

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Kirk Israel wrote:

> Started looking at the 50's cookbook.  Cool in a kind of sly wordly way, 
> I'm a little intimidated by the recipes though.

i'd love to help you try one you like...
> Babe, you're on my mind.  Wish I could plant a kiss on each freckle.  
> Hoping someday soon I might get to try.

perhaps!  :)


Now, one thing that doesn't get mention in this archive is an interesting roadtrip I took with R., all the way to Cleveland, right after graduation. (So it would have been before this e-mail.) I went to catch up with some old friends, she went to see her friend's graduation, and we gave a lift to her friend's mom for the way down.

I have really fond memories of that trip. We crashed at my friend Mike's place...shared his ex-housemate's too small single bed, shared a shower in this interesting old style tub that was in the middle of the bathroom, went with Mike to the local botanical gardens and stretched out on the grass. It felt somehow very adult.

On the way back, we actually played the "what would you name a kid" game, which probably always has weird optimistic overtones. We also got a bit lost on our way back, trying to avoid rolls. So we were looking for the Mass Turnpike when I suddenly shouted out:
"Where? Did you see a sign?"
"No, for a name: Turnpike Israel."
"Grrr- how about 'Dumbass Israel'?"

I thought that was really funny.

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