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(from k to r, 23 Jun 1996)

Thank you again for a really good way to spend a day.  It had all 4 S's:
Sand Sea Sun and Sugar-- how could we lose? 

Driving home I was thinking that I missed our touch, but so much more than
that I miss you craving that touch.  The first deals mostly with some
animal hungers that can be satiated in different ways.  The second,
though, deals with stronger things, feelings of security and desirability
and doubt and a lot more.  As I was thinking this, it seemed as if the
frog was looking at me sympathetically, almost shrugging to say "this is
life.  sometimes it's beautiful and sometimes it's tough and most often
it's a mixture of the two.  sometimes the people we love go through times
that put some accidental distance between them and us and there's nothing
we can do to help but ride it out and wait for the times to pass, offering
what help we can and taking trips to the ocean with them, and eating flies." 

Pretty wise for a frog I thought.


The frog is a small beanbag frog I bought in the seaside town I had gone to with Rosetta, or maybe that she had bought me. My Honda has a mysterious slot in it, and it wasn't til this day that I realied it must've been a frog holder. (Years later, I realize that had I bought the "smoker's upgrade" there would probably be an ashtray there.)

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