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hey babe (from k to r, 22 Mar 1997)

hey babe

sorry i let the day end in such a way.  sometime i might learn to stop
asking questions, sometime you might be more willing to answer?

I guess I'm wondering about what keeps our friendship together despite
this tension; I haven't learned to stop hoping that whatever's the basis
for that can be the start of a love right up there with coughdrops,

I rented "Annie Hall" and "Sex, Lies, and Videotape".  For whatever reason
they're not due back til Wednesday. Would either of them interest you
Monday or Wednesday?  (like we were saying, sometimes the best bet for
someone to watch a video with is each other-- we can make garlic bread, or
have hummus and pita, or pizza with eggplant and Pete's Wicked Ale)

	The lady of the porcelain department
	Smiles at the world through a set of false teeth.
	She is business-like and keeps a pencil in her hair

	But behind her sharpened eyes take flight
	The summer evenings in the park
	And heated nights in second story dance halls.

	Man's life is powerless and brief and dark
	It is not possible for me to make her happy.
				--T.S. Eliot


And here's where I ended it last time, and where I'll end it now.

That's a good poem. I found it very relevant, except maybe for the false teeth line.

I haven't seen R. in a long while. We ran into each other at a random party, and every once in a great while we'll e-mail.

We're both happily and seperately married and established in our own homes. I wish we were better friends than we are, if only to not make all this "friendship" talk sound like a big excuse.

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