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(from k to r, 17 Mar 1997)

heh-- turned on Cybil, it's one I saw at your house, where Cybil 
sings "RESPECT" at Tina's highschool reunion.  Wow, can she do the 

Anyway, it's dinners like that that remind me why I think talking is so
important; I didn't realize how two dimensional my feelings about touch
looked from your point of view.  I learned before that when I drop lines
on you like "I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve" it upsets things; I guess
I drifted to saying I miss your touch when I meant I miss what the touch

I guess I get anxious because of how you stress not to expect too much
even when we are touching and when we are what that touch can mean.
There's a potential between us I think we both feel; and that's what I
don't want to lose in a flurry of miscommunication and wanderlust.  A
somday potential to be comforting and enveloping without being
suffocating, to have everything each person needs without needing each
person to need it.  (Read it again, I think the grammar works out :->  )
Anyways, I'm not convinced I'm going to find that someday-potential with
anyone as well as I find it in you and me & you+me.  That's what a lot of
it comes down to.  It's not meant to pressure, not meant to expect, but
there is a little shmear of hope.  I know it might be a weird winding road
to get there; I even know we may never arrive there.  Getting there is
half the fun, being friends first is a big part of that; (is it the
friends part that could set us apart?)

Tell me what you're thinking; what you're saying when you say 
Kirk and Rosetta; what bothers you, what captivates you...

Come bowl with me,

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