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Re: your mail (from k to r, 27 Mar 1994)

On Sun, 27 Mar 1994, Count Zero wrote:

> i have no passion.

That's horrible.  You *gotta* have passions- especially you.  Or else what
was all that stuff in those letters during the summer about?

> life has pretty much lost it for this year...
> a cappella is really tiring,

tiring-rewarding or just plain draining?

>as are classes,

I know the feeling.  But i have one thought that carries me through- I
will *never* attend another class in Spanish!

> my love life is REALLY strange,

There was something distinctly different about my relationship with you
than with any other one I had, including Veronika and Marnie.  It's hard
to describe though- a Mysticism is the only way I've come up with to
describe it.  It almost felt like some kind of religion that we were
making up as we went along.  Nothing really ritualistic, but there was
this strange sense I had through all of it.

I'm not sure if you'll understand what I was talking about, or if it
applies to you now, or anything.  Let me know what you think.

> and i'm stressed out already -- and i've only been back one day!

Sheesh, how did you manage that?  Maybe it's just back-to-school
panic, I had a little of that too.  Just assume that everything's
gonna work out ok, or that you'll have the strength to deal with it if it
				Write back?

-O\O  Kirk Israel         \\  "All life is 6-to-5 against, just enough
( = ) \\   to keep you interested" -Damon Runyon

Another really large jump chronologically speaking, from just before to near the end of Sophomore year, the only year of college that had nothing happening between us for the entire year.

Man, I hated spanish class.

I vaguely remember sometimes running into her, when her class let out, (she was taking more advanced classes) and mine was starting.

I like the ASCII self-portrait in my .sig.

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