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Two from r to k, summer 1993

Subject: Re: Land of Cleves (Take 2)

here i am, i'm here
in my mind -- and yours, it seems.
don't hold me too dear,
many dreams
are unrealized.

life goes on in cambridge, massachusetts, usa, earth -- grass grows,
bananas rot, one runs out of tissues and cash.  cats shed.


i think there is something innately funny about the stuff i just wrote.
am i wrong?  are you laughing?  what do you think about the woody-mia
personally, i think woody allen is god.  wouldn't that be hysterical
if it were true?

Subject: Re: hey

jeeze, i guess my timing for reading e-mail sucks 'cause after reading your
latest i think i'm gonna cry.
don't get me wrong -- i've just had a difficult evening, starting with my
mother, going through hani, joan, andy, and, of course, myself.  it's not
worth my sanity to rehash the details for you, but the evening has left me
doubting my strength of character and self worth.
i was going to write you tonight just to help myself not be unhappy.  i'm
glad to have heard from you.
i'm having to get used to being alone.  there is no one here who i can really
talk to.  hani's pretty good, but he's never there when i really need him.
i've never been quite this alone for a very long time, and while i don't
particularly enjoy it, i think it's good for me.  i shouldn't have to depend
on having a warm body around to cater to my social needs.
there are people around who i could conceivably be able to socialize with, to
ease the lonliness, but my problem is that i'm too picky about people.  if
there is one thing that bothers me about someone i can't stand to be alone
with them...  i'm rambling.
i guess i'm having a hard time writing about what's really hurting 'cause it
just makes the pain worse.  i wish i could let it all out and be rid of it
forever and ever.  i need a shrink.  i'd settle for woody allen.  hey, who
kirk, i have one question: why?  why in all the universes?  why above all the
seas?  why beneath all the skies of the world?
don't mind me.  the timing is just wrong.
i've realized that all behavior is dictated by our chromosomes:  the purpose
of life is to pass on your genetic pattern and do it as often as you can.
therefore, being horny is simply your body's way of making you realize you're
supposed to pass on your genes NOW.  when gross men stare at women in the
streets they're just trying to get their genes passed on through a fit
individual.  when you find someone attractive it's usually because they are
genetically suitable for procreating!  does anyone find wrinkled old people
attractive?  NO!  because they can't procreate!  if someone has a marked
defect do you want them to bear your children?  NO!  because you don't want
defective children!  every gross male behavior is designed to attract members
of the opposite sex.  every disgusting female mannerism and fashion is
designed to attract men!  and
whoops.  nevermind.  it's not as impressive when you make stupid typos.
kirk:  while i don't know quite what's on your mind, i wish you would tell
me.  then i could tell you exactly what's going through my gray matter and
we'd both be more enlightened.  why you first, you ask?  because it would
be nice, that's all.
is this long enough?
write soon.
Two e-mails she sent to me the summer after freshman year. I was still jumping around different computer systems, and hadn't saved what I had sent her.

I think the first five lines of the first one are amazing. I've used it as a .sig file for e-mail and Usenet.

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