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Re: your mail (from k to r, 25 Oct 1994)

On Tue, 25 Oct 1994, Count Zero wrote:

> thank you.
> i have yet to get to the sweet.

I've been sucking these Fireballs down like, well, like they were candy,
and have noticed for the first time (not to pull an already straining
analogy to the breaking point--) that there is a sweetness even in the
part that burns some.  I'd want to try and help you find some of that if
you'd let me.

(We used to get fireballs (sometimes sticking them in 2 liters of soda,
watching it fizz like mad...) when I was in the Pit Orchestra at my
school, and one time I had just started a fireball when I realized I
should be playing *now*, so I stuck the thing in my cheek and played, and had
to let it sit there for the 40+ measures of relentless tuba bassline.
Agony!  Finally I had *1* measure rest and could switch it to the other
cheek.  Moral: don't take a fireball if your going to have to stick it in
your cheek for 40 measures straight, and always remember that tuba
players are really dedicated to their basslines.)

				Call me sometime?  Or if you're wandering

Cute story!

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