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[slight ramble] (from k to r, 30 Oct 1994)

Someone just e-mailed me 100 pickup lines.  Did that last e-mail I sent
you sound like a line?  Oh well.  It *was* a beautiful day... I'm upset now,
because it's so dark so early.  When is the shortest day of the year?
Not too long from now I hope, I can't stand not having sunlight.

[whoop quick break to see if Rosetta would want to watch the Simpson's
Halloween Special.]

[never mind.]

About this weekend.

"She moved so easily / All I could think of was sunlight"

About this weekend- I hope times like that mean our lives could pull
together in comfortable, more relaxed ways.  In can't be *all* touch and
			But the idea of sharing more with someone that
			I care for, sharing experiences and feelings
			and laughing and touching, trusting... it's
			something that still has the power to knock me over.

Listen: I have an idea, I mentioned it once or twice before, but with
things changed it seems more likely now than at any time before, of
inviting you to New York, of drinking in the city's bigness with you, the
shows and bookstores and people and sheet-music shops and culture and my
mom's breathtaking view of sunset over the Hudson (sometimes Salvation Army
minsiters get lucky in housing...) and the cathredral at night that you
can see from the roof-garden.  There's that sophistication that (in my
head at least) you and that city share, and for years I've had the
thought of the two together in my brain.  I know it's a pretty out-there
idea, that our relationship would have to grow in a lot of ways for this
kind of comfort to be there, but still, it's good for us all to have a
dream or two to hang on our wall.

		I know this letter is kind of a heap.  Let me know
		if I've struck any chords that resonate in you, or
		if you just want some ice cream.

		And let me know if I'm jumping to quick, racing
		to an emotion that needs more time to baste, that
		trying to hard is what can kill things the quickest--

					Yours through daylight dreams,

Never did get to NYC with her, dangitall.

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