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Re: Comfort (from k to r, 26 Oct 1994)

On Wed, 26 Oct 1994, Count Zero wrote:

> as usual, someone who's not me has wonderful insights
> into who i am and what i need.  thank you.

Either that, or just trying my best to woo you into my arms-
(whoops there's that tuba player's mischevous streak again ;-)

> can i guest you for "witches of eastwick" tonight?

Sure- I probably shouldn't but a sense of perspective is the one thing I
can't afford right now.

> have another cherry?

':-) (lifted eyebrow = Huh?)

For some reason, this songs been going through my head all last night and

Over the desert
Wild and free
Rides the bold
Sheik of Araby

The desert band
At his command
Follows his love

Under the shadow of the palms he sings
To call her to his arms-

	I'm the Sheik of Araby
			[with no clothes on!]
	Your love belongs to me!
			[with no clothes on!]
	At night, while you're asleep
			[with no clothes on!]
	Into your tent I'll creep-
			[with no clothes on!]
	The stars that shine above
			[with no clothes on!]
	Will light our way to love!
			[with no clothes on!]
	Come rule this world with me
			[with no clothes on!]
	I'm the Sheik of Araby!


-O\O  Kirk Israel   <>  "Tough times make monkeys eat red peppers."
( = ) <>                  -Frank Costello

Didn't realize the "have another cherry" line was from the movie...I still like this song though.

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