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Another "silent conversation," first paragraph mine, her paragraphs in italics. I've always liked how this one ended.
hi... i really hope you don't get sick. we'd both be miserable.

don't worry about it. We get sick, life goes on. It's a cold, not polio or something.

i was talking to jan about our relationship. it was interesting. he knows about hani, too, and he told me to do the 'right thing.' i don't know exactly what the right thing is...

'Sokay, neither do I...
No that's too flippant. I dunno. If it's possible, I'd like to avoid what we went through last week. If it isn't possible....I dunno.

of course it's silly to repeat last week's scene- besides, wha would the script writers say? our ratings would plummet!

Hmmmm. Do you think maybe we should throw in a gratuitous romance scene, just to tittilate the masses? (heh heh)

one track mind!!! i thought this was a family show...

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