guestbook 2000
Just testing my new guestbook system (wrote it from scratch during the first quarter of Superbowl XXXIV)
                 --kisrael, 2000.01.30

Kirk , I came across your site through an altavista search while recruiting. I need you to help me, if you would? I am trying to locate someone who has a deep corba background within either a web logic, orbix, or object broker suite. This individual is also great at tuning in a large production environment and has remote method invocation. They can live where they want , but must be open to 60-80% travel. HELP ME PLEASE! I enjoyed all of your sites.
       , 2000.03.15

Kirk -- If you name your first kid "Turnpike," I WILL prosecute you for cruely to children!
                 --Adam "Still Can't March to Save My Ass" Van Ho , 2000.03.25

Hey Kirk! Check's in the mail (honest; mailed it yesterday; late but mailed!) More soon! Until then, take care!
       , 2000.04.03

Lets just say that your sites are an inspiration!!
                 --Sara >>, 2000.04.04

You need to read your emails more often than you are now
                 --Habib Adnan, 2000.04.06

Kirk, I stumbled across this site from a link on your 'Blender' site. i was actually looking for a email link for you personally so I could express my gratitude and amazement at the community you have created with 'Blender'. A lot of very talented people contribute there on a regular basis, and I have been reading there for quite a while. It was a big step for me recently to actually post some stuff in a public forum like that! The reasons ore many and i won't bore you with that. But thank you for creating such a creative outlet, in such a classy way on the net! Terry
       , 2000.05.04

Hello, Kirk. Interesting site.
       , 2000.05.07

This site becomes more and more fun each time I visit it. It's fun to see Mickey & Veronika in the pictures. By the way, where is a picture of your Mom?
                 --W3, 2000.05.25

hello saw your ad in the internet yellow pages
       , 2000.05.26

Linked to this site from "Love Blender," and I arrived there because it was the TipWorld "Cool Site Of The Day." And it is......(cool). :-)
                 --Felix the Cat, 2000.06.28

Hey - a fun site
       , 2000.07.06

Hi Kirk, needed info on Nestlé, found your site, could not stop reading.Kind regards
       , 2000.07.26

Kirk, I like your phot's and your realness. I am a 43 year old poet, mom and environmentalist who hates social injustice. I write editorial's in the local Pocono Record to help people see the truth. I am well known for my writings but not my poetry yet! Hope you get a chance to read some of it. We share the same desires and intensity levels for love and wanting to be continuously loved! I guess that just makes us all the more human! Stay well and keep on writing. It keeps one healthy ! Your website on Voting is great! E-mail me if you'd like to communicate!
       , 2000.08.13

I am another Arlingtonian and stumbled onto your site. I love the pictures that you took of your wife/girlfriend. They say a lot about your relationship and how you feel about her. I enjoyed your site.
       , 2000.08.18

nice site; who is mo?
                 --taugi, 2000.08.28

i've falen in love with your words found on loveblender, has to find out more about you. yours truly, carolyn
                 --carolyn, 2000.09.08

I visit your site every day, because you have the best web-site on the 'Net, and because I want to know if you will do nice favours for people who flatter you, such as share your girlfriend. You are a god-like genius, and the whole world loves you. But hey, you already knew that, right?
       , 2000.09.11

Was surfing old Euclid names. Write if you get the chance. mark Taylor
       , 2000.09.20

found by entering "kisra"(bread)
       , 2000.09.22

i really like your wit and banter. iwanted to more about why nestle didn't work for you
                 --gurpreet malhotra, 2000.09.22

Camlist. Your site is honest and inspiring. Thanks.
       , 2000.10.14

I was just looking for info on powerstone 2, but i found a lot more. A very well put together site. Great mixing tool for PS2 btw
                 --Kevin (, 2000.10.21

hi monkeyboy!!
                 --yours truly, 2000.11.14

Hi Kirk, I just found my name on a search engine with "Where Kisses Go" listed but when you hit the site it comes up with something from slug. I love slug but can this be fixed? Other wise I am quite happy with seeing my name there. Its wonderful and I love being a part of the Blender. I think you have to be one fantastic person for starting it to begin with!!!
                 --BK, 2000.11.27

                 --FREIGHT GATOR, 2000.12.06

Kirk, I was simply looking around and stumbled upon the EHS email directory. Having never really known you, I was interested in browsing around. Your are doing some pretty interesting things.
                 --Bob, 2000.12.07

nice pictures of florida... liek to seethe lake side view... don't have thatmuch view in the city here in the philippines

also lile the lake george view... heard about your site at the bitmap buddy... am planning to improve it but if i could squeeze some time to actual do it... been busy lately & check out your siteif you made any improvements to bitmap buddy already or not... if i ever get to do something about it i'll post an email for you with the codes...
       , 2000.12.12

hey i like the nyc shoot of the yucky shoots you made... especially the buildings... maybe it has something to do with my profession being to be an architect... but i wish the shoots of those buildings would be much more clearer & close up... but that under the liberty shots were really a bad idea...
       , 2000.12.12

hey kirk couldnt resist this is jack husband to chinlan u know me as jackryhme it dosent matter and a whole slew of otheres love the blender so thanks for that caio
                 --wandering in c flat, 2000.12.14

just testing... i'm revamping my homepage...
                 --kirk, 2000.12.30

I like this format and especially being able to keep up with you since you've brought so much to the "blenderites" that you've created and brought together. A million thanks!
                 --scqueen aka Whitney Seals, 2000.12.30

I find most thoughtful people have something interesting to say... you have always had more than a few interesting tidbits for thought... update and they will come...
                 --kevin urenda, 2000.12.31

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