guestbook 2001
luv your poems!! i think i'm in loooove..
                 --milky, 2001.01.03

Hey Kirk. You're weird. Keep it up!
       , 2001.01.05

best weight loss advice ever: "eat a carrot, run a mile"
                 --dj, 2001.01.10

I'm feeling this website.
                 --milinaire Davis, 2001.01.17

At alienbill website, in the GEEK section, it includes a link old newsnet 1980 to 81. Does anybody know if there's one that covers 1982 to 1994?
                 --Tony, 2001.01.31

Yo wasssup kirk but i just wanted to hit you up and say thatnx Alot for making the Blender of love Website. Well i just wanted to say hi and bye.
                 --Eric Keola Doral, 2001.02.01

life lessons
                 --your name, 2001.02.18

i love your page.And by the way i have been down for the last two tears and i guess the only person that understands u better than anyone else is u.A second opinion is just a positive assurans for your insecurity,so the lesson is confidence is the medicine of success.please ponder this thought,it has an underlying philosophy
                 --giancarlo maisano, 2001.02.21

heres my e-mail if anyone has similar feelings
                 --giancarlo, 2001.02.21

the mental capacity of recalling or recognizing previously learned behavior or past experiences. OR COMPUTER COMPONENTS THAT STORE DATA. 2 different definitions for the same word that you have mastered.
                 --Jenny, 2001.02.27

you got it, "memory"!
                 --Jenny, 2001.03.01

You are definitely one self-centered individual! Devote your spare time to helping others.
                 --George, 2001.03.03

Here's one for you: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't give him an enema."
                 --Larry, 2001.03.06

                 --blackangle, 2001.03.07

as i promised, here i am. love love blender. will check out the rest now
                 --Star Of David, 2001.03.07

I have a brother who went to Tufts named Cyrus... he was in some acapella group called sQ... anyway, I remember a poem by Garrison Keilor about pissing being somehow connected to the alienbill site once upon a time. I was wondering where I could find such a poem... email
                 --Collin, 2001.03.07

                 --1234, 2001.03.21

i stumbled across your site while searching for a summary of wagner's tristan und isolde. i read some of the comments from 1999...snow, deevaa, angel, etc. there is some serious nurturing of the souls going on here. how beautiful, what each of you have given to the other. god bless the exchange of love.
                 --princess leesa, 2001.03.21

On that Loveblender site, what about going back to former high school sweethearts and having them share their stories or their short lived relationships? Just a suggestion Mr. Israel.
                 --Geneveve, 2001.03.27

                 --Franz Wright, 2001.03.27

It's easy to write a thank you note from the heart when you remember that is really is the thought that counts.
                 --Ann Jen, 2001.03.31

hey, this site is really cool! APRIL FOOLS!
                 --yolanda, 2001.04.01

Hi Kirk. Just browsed to your site from a post on Slashdot (by the way, if you didn't look at the linux anecdote article again, the IP address is I looked at your biography lists and I have to agree wholeheartedly that you look like that guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
                 --Kieran O'Callaghan, 2001.04.14

Thanks for the "mortality for skpetics" thingy
                 --Some Go Player, 2001.04.15

Dyslexics of the world, untie!
                 --J.A.W., 2001.04.17

what is your obcession with death about???
its slightly worrying
                 --a@a, 2001.05.13


HAY! I'm NOT a GIANT SWEDE, I take offense to that!
                 --Mots, 2001.06.06

From observing your site, you appear to be very self-centered.
                 --William Jones, 2001.06.20

Amusing little site.
                 --jest amused, 2001.06.21

I should make this a part of my daily blog-routine, and am now sorry that I have not done so... That'll change...
                 --kevin urenda, 2001.06.22

Your June 26, 2001 entry/photo has me so proud to be the inventor of the stoplight!
                 --Garrett Morgan, 2001.06.26

Congrats Kirk on your soon approaching wedding! Tell all your fans where your honeymoon is at via your daily entry. Best wishes!
                 --Harold Trujillo, 2001.06.28

Enjoyed "ealing With Mortality. A Skeptic's Guide"

Thank you.
                 --Peter, 2001.07.04

fuck u israel
                 --asim, 2001.07.17

Hey Kirk! Check out the site It is really cool! You should show it in your daily links! I pretended to be Drew Carey and it guessed it correctly. Kind of a fun site if you will.
                 --a friend from high school, 2001.07.23

Dear Kirk, I stumbled on your site because I felt like it. I need someone who will pamper me my every waking moment. Preferably someone whose skills include playing punching bag, cat bathing and lacky. I thought from looking at your websites (I love them all!) that you might know someone who might fulfill these requirments. HELP ME! HELP ME NOW! SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!
                 --Erica Coffin, 2001.07.25

I love Lewis Black. I'm hoping that he'll come to Boston soon. He's playing in DC this fall...
                 --Todd Chapin, 2001.08.03

Okay KIRK! Your entry for 8/6/01, that compared the rear of the Volvo with the Visible Human Project makes me scared of you! lol! :-) Maybe it's the superstitious "666" on the license plate.
                 --Wendy Wang, 2001.08.06

Stumbled across your page after flicking ,(again thru loveblender on a wet WALES afternoon in AUG. Really enjoyed, maybe when I awake in a stupor tomorrow I,ll wonder who are these people I have J pegs of lol . Take care my friend .
                 --Mike Wolf, 2001.08.09

Could Mo be pregnant? (regarding your 8/13/01 entry)
                 --someone, 2001.08.13

Wow, we haven't even been married for 2 months and your already having an affair with Madonna. Not only that, your letting the whole world know about it if they desire. Gravy train!
                 --Mo Israel, 2001.08.15

Hi, I enjoyed your mortaility for skeptics site. I find that most people prefer not to really think about it. I don't think most people really appreciate living because they can't bear to think about dying.
                 --Marty, 2001.08.23

Thank you for the "mortality for skeptics" The Bertrand Russell quote helps me a lot. =]
                 --rasprague at csupomona dot edu, 2001.08.24

Kirk find out for us in a daily entry why it is that lazy, good for nothing people keep their jobs and those of us that work our tails off get no recognition.
                 --Ann C., 2001.08.25

Hey, I was thrilled to see you posted some of my lyrics!
                 --Bobby Sichran, 2001.08.29

Hey Kirk when you get a second, check out the "Virtual Shit" site. Just enter those 2 words in your search box and the site link should appear. It's hilarious. Share it in your daily entries. You have to type in the correct dimensions and what not for the doo doo to appear on the screen once your in the site. You'll see.
                 --Lucy, 2001.09.09

i think those terrorist did the stupid things and those people that died in the airplane cras i think there family is going to get a lot of money i really sad about that airplane crash in new york if i see a iraq people i well kill them
                 --natalie, 2001.09.14

Q33NY flight number,
the plane that attacked,
Q33NY means:
everybody know who attacked
                 --a friend, 2001.09.21

Regarding "Mortality for Skeptics" and this whole 9/11 tragedy...would you ever like to go back in time (even to your high school days or so)and pick and choose people who were in your life more so at one time and let them know what they mean/meant to you. Would you let them know what they taught you? Was there anyone in your past that this would apply to?
                 --a certain someone, 2001.09.23

Kirk Israel is a visionary, a legend in his own time -- and tragically, notwithstanding surname, not a jew.
                 --Brooke Tarnoff, 2001.10.08

Shut Up Dylan says, "I'm in shorts and it's not even humid here!"
                 --Shut Up Dylan, 2001.10.09

Hi Kirk - I love your bio in list form. Great idea, and really sounds good since the blender is going questionniare these days.
See ya there - Rhetoric
                 --Jennifer , 2001.10.09

hi how have you been? long time no talk. can't sleep, another crappy day in this inner city babysitting facility aka school.
                 --Y. Nne, 2001.10.09

I feel like McQuire when he lost the home run record. Sigh.
                 --Peterman, 2001.10.11

Neat! Mookie's AKA Mike's in town? Say hi to Mookie for me!Oh yeah, and hi Kirk.
                 --From Katie P. from EHS, 2001.10.14

Your 10/15/01 entry that reads "Passenger Emergency Intercom Unit at end of car" should really be analyzed and laughed at more so because of the insanity it entails. I mean if your being held up or something on the subway and your in the middle of the car... how exactly do you glide to the end? Quite an emergency I'd say... that forces you to run to the end of the car. Scary and somewhat hilarious all in one.
                 --Harry Lafontaine, 2001.10.15

i luv u
                 --dick cunt , 2001.10.16

Regarding your 10/24/01 entry and the joke about the cows: What do you call a mix between an elephant and a rhino? Answer: Elleph Ino!
                 --Alice, 2001.10.24

hallo 1996
                 --abradagis, 2001.10.31

Kirk - thanks for the funnies. I always thought Wil Wheaton was the cutest in Stand by Me!! Oh, yes I had a thing for geeks - still do. have a great day...Rhet
                 --Jennifer, 2001.11.01

Thanks for the picture of the fountain at the World Trade Center. I have good memories and it is good to remember.
Thanks Again
                 --John, 2001.11.03

GREAT quote of the day Kirk!!! That is about as funny as it gets!
                 --Jennifer, 2001.11.05

Can you give us some tips on how to end SPAM emails arriving on our email doorsteps? I'm looking forward to reading your suggestions in your daily entry. Thanks.
                 --Annette, 2001.11.08

Diet Dr. Pepper is Heaven on Earth!
                 --an X, 2001.11.12

why who do you think the mysterious Diet Dr. Pepper person might be? Do tell.
                 --An X, 2001.11.14


Regarding the Diet Dr. Pepper mystery person being named Jen. What is my last initial "M" or "T"? Getting warmer. Now you have fifty fifty odds.
                 --An X, 2001.11.17

That monay monay turkey turkey gobble gobble kick me kick me chant in marching band was sweet!
                 --Toni Yafanaro, 2001.11.23

hey kirk, your 11/23/01 entry that said I was your fellow tuba bud in "college" is only slightly off, more like EHS. I'll email you soon though.
                 --Toni Yafanaro, 2001.11.24

The question...Why is it that Orville Redenbacher's microwavable popcorn, or any other microwavable popcorn for that matter, has to be watched so closely so as not to cause a burn factor? I mean direction number 2 reads "Stay & Listen" on the bag itself. Why should we have to monitor our popcorn? Hasn't any popcorn scientist figured out a solution to this problem yet?
                 --An alumni of EHS that knew your sense of humor pretty well I think, 2001.11.28

well who were some people you went to EHS with that had what you considered to be a decent or more than decent sense of humor?
                 --EHS alumni, 2001.11.29

old college people are scary stalkers.
                 --a scary stalker, 2001.11.30

No it's not Mr. Jablonski although that was a funny guess. Were there any females that you would have lumped into the category of "decent or more than decent sense of humor"?
                 --EHS alumni, 2001.12.01

Did you know that "a pinch" is 1/8 tsp. or less and a "jigger" is 1 1/2 fl. oz. (3tbsp.)? The significance of this commentary? I HAVE NO IDEA!
                 --Martha Stewart, 2001.12.07

Kirk, To Sleep is so sweet. I could be that girl. I used to date a boy in high school that would bring me home after a date and he would lay there next to me until I fell asleep. It was wonderful. Now, I live with a completely different man and I ask him all the time to sit and wait until I fall asleep to go back down stairs!
                 --Rhetoric, 2001.12.08

Enjoyed Alot...
                 --Richard Thomas, 2001.12.18

"Mortality For Skeptics", huh?

Skeptical of one's mortality, or of an afterlife? I still get curious about the latter, but at 52, smoker, overweight, nervous wreck half the time, figure I'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, passing the time as if I have all eternity here.
                 --Marti, 2001.12.19

How do you cope during the holidays with that one relative that really gets on your nerves? Any suggestions for me Kirk?
                 --Sleepless in Clev., 2001.12.20

Regarding you keeping a dream log...Are you supposed to be able to experience the sense of "taste" in dreams? Last night I dreamt I had a Reuben Sandwich and I could actually taste it. Very weird.
                 --Dream Land, 2001.12.22

Congratulations on the House guys, see you after vacation
                 --Neanderthal in tropical shorts, 2001.12.28

show us a picture of what your house looks like. Congrats by the way! Thanks for the cool picture too! :-)
                 --Toni Y. , 2001.12.30

Hey Kirk Logan,
How is everthing old friend?
                 --Tom Sedmak -, 2001.12.31

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