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If 2002 isn't more polite than 2001, I'm going to stick my tongue out at it in a BIG WAY. Mais whee THAT, killer.
                 --Brooke, 2002.01.01

When going downhill skiing, make sure you know how to get up when you fall. Ouch.
                 --Ben M., 2002.01.03

that Bradley guy on alt.hackers ain't posting ObHacks.... he's posting ObDrivel. yes. quote me on that.
                 --\\_0_/, 2002.01.04

I knew it was only a matter of time before I was on here. Next stop: I rule the internet.
                 --Kiru, 2002.01.04

I am so very proud to be featured on your front page, looking like a deer in headlights.
                 --Brooke, 2002.01.06

he he... Just wait till you have kids ! Books = 2, Videos = 700 (same 5 videos over and over) Fun site.
                 --bbott, 2002.01.06

wow, my pic on the kirk israel homepage, now i have officially arrived.
                 --Lauren, 2002.01.07

Hi Kirk, I heard that NPR article on Father Frost Vs. Santa Clause, That was a good one. Plus, I think the sax player's hand is the woman's mouth, or his hand holding a cup for donations!
                 --Erin Maru, 2002.01.18

I understand that in 1/26/02's entry you were quoting that Professor in "Real Genius", however, immediately equating a moving man or laborer with a lack of education is simply stereotypical! In today's screwed up Republican economy, maybe some of those poor laborers were recently laid off from places like Enron or something. You never know. Don't jump to such uneducated conclusions.
                 --Moving Guy, 2002.01.26

What's really ironic is that if these folks had invested in Enron retirement mugs..they'd be rich.. $50 a pop.
                 --bozo13, 2002.01.26

Kirk - apart from your daily updates and fun facts, I enjoy the day's title as much as the entry. The Future was Then sounds like the title to a great (not yet written) novel!
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.01.27

Oh yeah, you went with Veronika that's right... your a player as I remember correctly? Player AKA Cheater... you know the drill.
                 --Hamlet, 2002.01.29

Program for life begin while pulse > 0 eat: sleep: work: screw: if baby spawn(new) if pulse = 0 goto die: -- bad programming but reads better ! end while die: clear memory end
                 --bozo13, 2002.01.29

Kirk, sounds like is feeling its own brand of the loveblender drama. That sucks that you have to justify your personal life on your OWN website! So that's how you snagged Mo - being a player? he he
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.01.31

crystal sound card pour windows 98
                 --brahim, 2002.02.03

Kirk...HAD to make that pic of NightRider and Gary my computer wallpaper at work. Two days ago, I had the trousers photo -I just can't make up my mind which goofy pic is the corniest!Being the youngest in this office (27 today), my co-workers NEVER understand the draw of 80's memorabelia. Thanks for the funny!
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.02.05

Listen to this, Timelessness And The Reality Of Fate, Timelessness_and_Reality_of_Fate_1.ram
                 --just me, 2002.02.06

O floutist on your silver mouthpeice Synonym for the sweetest sounding bird, exhale the high, calming tune and give us peace. soothing tone in the orchestra pit you're respiratory system is strong touched by sensations of relieving stress Sway
                 --A proud flute player, 2002.02.10

Nice site about mortality for those who don't find comfort in the Chritian world of make-believe imaginary friends. One site that I found particularly comforting was this: I now know my goal in life. I may not see it fulfilled, but the point is that humanity will eventually reach it, if things go well.
                 --Gigs, 2002.02.16

Baked Stuffed Chicken--great recipe 6-7 lb. chicken, 1 cup melted butter, 1 cup stuffing, 1 cup uncooked popcorn, salt/pepper to taste; Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush chicken well with melted butter, salt and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan in the oven. Listen for popping sounds. When the chicken's ass blows out the oven door and flies across the room, the chicken is done. ......And, you thought I couldn't cook.
                 --Chef Boyardee, 2002.02.18

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                 --your name, 2002.02.28

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                 --your name, 2002.02.28

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                 --your name, 2002.02.28

I like quote #677. Sure wish I knew who wrote it.
                 --osmium, 2002.03.12

Kirk, Thanks for sharing that story about your Mom. Not having been directly associated with anyone at WTC, never having visited NYC, and being too far away to do anything more than send a check - it validates my sense of humanity that people who can help, do. Also, after only seeing snipits of your pics here and there, you look a lot like your Mom.
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.03.15

Geeze... Do you have your mom's facial features or what! Hope things are going ok in the job search dept. I think things will pick up in the next few months. (barring international developments)
                 --bozo 13, 2002.03.16

Kent State Univ. in Ohio is sweet in basketball!!!
                 --Your PAL from KSU, 2002.03.23

Just read the March 27 entry, so I now know your birthday plans. Hope it's a lot of fun. I do count myslef a friend of Kirk - luv' ya.
                 --Mom, 2002.03.28

Show us what your wedding invitations looked like that your wife made.
                 --hooked daily entry reader, 2002.04.02

The Israel-Palestine situation is pretty sad isn't it. Same old story, rich folk with guns taking from the poor folk without guns. As usual, the USA comes down on the side of the folks with the money.
                 --bozo13, 2002.04.03

Hi Kirk, did I ever tell you that I heard on the radio that a temporary memorial to the WTC was made a few blocks away, the centerpiece of which is the damaged globe sculpture. I remembered you commenting on how you suddenly got alot of hits on your WTC pics, and I thought maybe that was why, since your pictures display the sculpture very nicely.
                 --Erin Peters, 2002.04.03

It's a real shame about your jobs. It's a real bummer to face this when you're just trying to get started out. Try to look on it as an educational experience. It will teach you prudence and preparedness and also you and Mo will learn a lot about each other. Remember that there is no such thing as a normal life. There is only life. Good luck.
                 --bozo13, 2002.04.11

I don't understand why are you being laid off? The Gale site said that your former place of employment had revenues of 7.2 billion dollars in 2001? What's up with that?
                 --Ellen DeGeneres, 2002.04.12

Here, if you haven't seen this before, it might cheer you up ! Find the place where they talk about trademarking the emoticon..
                 --bozo13, 2002.04.15

Kirk, Ranjit is quite attractive. Let him know that the B&W of him with his hands clasped, covering his mouth is a great shot. Very sexy! I do love a man with dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. Good lucl with that modeling gig, Ranjit.
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.04.19

Hello, I put my story Physician in Love, by Robyn L. Bader on loveblender and I omited the i in the title in physic(i)an. Can you put it in for me? In the title. Thanks, Robyn :-)
                 --Robyn L. Bader, 2002.04.25

re: pulp philosohy Man, when I saw the PG-13 and the name Socrates, I figured it was gonna be slash...
                 --Kiru Banzai, 2002.04.28

Hey Kirk, In your daily entries can you tell us how to set up computers in your homes so that more than one person can be using them (we have 4 computers in my home, I'm wealthy and loving it) at the same time and all hooked up to the same phone line? My question may sound foggy. If you need clarification I'll be happy to check back tomorrow and clear it up better. Thanks man. Ya seem like a great advisor to the computer illiterate. Plus, my bitch of a sister just always needs to be on the computer at the same time as me. Its not easy being rich.
                 --Justin Anderson, 2002.04.30

I was so glad to see in your 5/3/02 daily entry that you got the chance to read "have you noticed how, the more one tries to be noticed, the less worth noticing one is?). You of all people needed to read that line. You really strive to be noticed and it stands true that there is not a whole lot worth noticing in you.
                 --Mark T., 2002.05.03

Thanks a lot for your 'mortality for skeptics'. Although I don't agree on some points, it's a very helpful writeup.
                 --Tom Berger, 2002.05.04

In your daily entry touch on the topic of "bad habits" some time. This guy in my state capital yesterday had a bad habit of taking flowers right off of the capital building's grounds and trying to sell them for money as if he was a florist or something. Bad habit, not homeless, I say its a bad habit. The guy ougtta walk over to the local florist shop and fill out an application for a position. That would be a good habit. Comment if you will. Thanks Kirk! Your entries make a good read.
                 --Paul Gardner, 2002.05.05

Good going ! I knew with your talents you wouldn't be on the job market for very long. Nice presentation on the handicaps.. I didn't mention in our email conversation, but my youngest son is Autistic. Anything that raises awareness helps.
                 --bozo13, 2002.05.10

Just read the mortality for skeptics. Appendix B just to add that you may loose the battle to the sparks but should remember, you could always be wrong.
                 --Doogs, 2002.05.23

Dude, just wanted to let you know I linked to your page on my livejournal ( Hope that's ok!
                 --Matthias, 2002.06.18

Want to lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks?Atkins diet. You'll be amazed.
                 --your name, 2002.06.19

Want to lose 25 lbs in 2 weeks?Atkins diet. You'll be amazed.
                 --bozo, 2002.06.19

Bozo: just be careful. Adkins is a DANGEROUS meal plan that should only be prescribed by a Registered Dietician or MD. I hope you try to prove me wrong - if you can find 1 piece of valid research that does so, I will eat bacon and cheese everyday for the rest of my life with you!
                 --Cap'n Kangaroo, 2002.07.08

Kirk, glad to see you have read up on this topic. I have seen some of the caloric restriction research. The significant lack (or reduction) of free radicals in those monkeys is very promising. I have always agreed with Dr. Adkins (and most other MD's and all RD's) that overly-processed and refined foods are the leading causes of Type 2 Diabetes, CVD and obesity in our population. However, choosing whole grains, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and excellent sources of protein (fatty fish and legumes) is a seemingly better lifestyle than Adkins high fat, no veggie way. I suspect that lobbying by big Agriculture is the basis of the food guide pyramid. However, there is not enough "true" research conducted on humans to determine that any extreme (Adkins, Sugarbusters, Grapefruit Diet, etc)eating plan is beneficial.
                 --Cap'n K, 2002.07.10

Good day, I say, young man, old chap. Must you always mention such relative information? Who am I?
                 --your name, 2002.07.14

You wrote: "Man, who's not shellshocked with he recent stockmarket moves? " No student of history should be shocked or even mildly surprised. Economic boom/bust cycles like this typically occur when the generation who lived through the previous cycle pass on. For the US, this happened in the late 80's and is pretty well finished now. The loss of 'cultural experience' frees the curren generation to repeat the same mistakes they made. Remember... boom = bust.. and money doesn't appear from thin air. Bozo...
                 --your name, 2002.07.15

Lee and Yan...cute.. whimsy and romance for physics geeks.
                 --bozo13, 2002.07.16

Speaking of engrish, if you havent seen, you really should.
                 --Cire, 2002.07.16

Re: The miners.. The thought rushes through my head... how can humans be so noble and heroic at times yet spend most of their efforts trying to kill each other ? A real dilemma.
                 --bozo, 2002.07.28

Yes, Should Iraq (or any other nation) have the right to do a pre-emptive bombing of Washington (or any other nation) to topple what is perceived by them as a 'hostile' regime? Certainly Washington has shown far more hostility and agression toward Iraq than Iraq has shown toward the US. Our current foreign policy might as well be stamped 'Made in Tel Aviv'.. and we can certainly see how successful their policies has been toward bringing peace and security to a region.
                 --anon, 2002.07.30

Kirk, I think you've hit the nail on the head... when people can make some sort of identification as to 'US' and 'THEM' the US folks will soon enough be trying to kill, steal from, or enslave the THEM folks. The stronger the sense of US... the more THEM is going to suffer. The only signs of hope for humanity I see are coming from the Scandanavian nations... where some sort of rationality seems to be prevailing.
                 --bozo, 2002.07.31

Here was a timely quote.. from "At this very moment there are 100,000 fools of our species who wear hats, slaying 100,000 fellow creatures who wear turbans, or being massacred by them." Voltaire, Micromagus, 1752.
                 --nona, 2002.07.31

Thank for sharing your thoughts about death. It helped me a bit...
                 --ST, 2002.08.09

The link to the lord of the rings article is broken... ( at leat at 7:30 PDT) ...                  --bozo, 2002.08.24

this just goes to show that mo is the cutest girl in the world.
                 --brooke, 2002.08.27

Yeah, GWB is dancing to a song being called elsewhere in the world. But more and more 'ordinary' folks that I talk to are seeing through the charade... we're being 'had' by these folks.
                 --bozo, 2002.09.08

I just don't get the obsession with Ellen Feiss. For one thing, even if she is stoned, which seems really unlikely (just seems like a flaky valley girl to me), who cares? She's just some college student doing an ad to pick up a few bucks for school. Big freakin' deal!
                 --Max, 2002.09.12

you have a security issue with your viewer.cgi Try going to /viewer.cgi?file=viewer.cgi see?
                 --Anonymous Coward, 2002.09.13

Yes, the Bush adminstration is literally peeing thier collective pants... they are DESPERATE for war. Their masters in Tel Aviv must have the chain pulled pretty tight.
                 --your name, 2002.09.16

Hi kis, its Erin here, taking a break from film school to comment on the coffins...Oh my god! I've heard of sex and death being linked esoterically, but MAN! Also, the Return to Sender Coffin from Peachtree, too funny. So which is your pick? --Erin in Art Fag central
                 --Erin Maru, 2002.09.20

Did ya hear about the cross-eyed teacher that couldn't keep her pupils straight? hardy har har
                 --your name, 2002.09.21

Kirk - GREAT metaphor. I might have to use that one when appropriate. I hope your broom is thick with bristles to get as much down the drain!
                 --Rhetoric, 2002.10.05

Irony is a gay man with a cat named Pussy
                 --Dylan, 2002.10.12

hey have fun!
                 --jodi, 2002.10.30

Hey Kirk, I got a note from Nora Ephron about the stage adaptation of When Harry Met Sally I sent to her. She was irritated and not at all encouraging or kind. Oh well. I am thrilled to have just gotten the feedback.
                 --DJM, 2002.10.31

going to new orleans tomorrow. have a good weekend
                 --djm, 2002.10.31

Your submit button games are legendary. Beats Tekken 17 anyway. Keep it up :-)
                 --your name, 2002.11.05

Your submit button games are legendary. Beats Tekken 17 anyway. Keep it up :-)
                 --CBDSteve, 2002.11.05

Just stumbled to this site and read 'mortality for skeptics'. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
                 --dub, 2002.11.05

back from the big easy - had myself a hurricane along with some costly meals in the French Quarter. SICK and tired of seeing Music Man but had a great time. Planning another Boston trip in December.
                 --DJM, 2002.11.05

Remember that both Hitler and Mussolini were elected via the "popular" vote... with a few "irregularities" like Florida. I speculate that demographics are a big factor here. Due to the baby boom, the USA is an aging nation with a skewed population distribution. BTW, These folks aren't a danger to the nation... they are a danger to the world.
                 --bozo, 2002.11.06

But will launching us into WWIII really count as a screw up?
                 --djm, 2002.11.06

The general population thinks they are being moral voting republican but they never realize they are being robbed twelve ways from Sunday. Then there is the embryo vrs the fetus debate which gw has no clue which is which but he pretends they are both one and the same. That the sheep follow the cheerleading herder right off the cliff..the dumb dolts. If god had only give gw a brain instead of daddys money we might not be in this situation.
                 --twelve ways from sunday, 2002.11.06

very happy that it is friday... i am supposed to go see some friends in a show but instead am sitting in my sweats around the house feeling sleepy very rainy in SD - like the rest of the west coast planning another trip next month to boston when tom is in RI with Music Man - Dec 7 or so. hope you and the little woman can come see tom carry a pitchfork across stage
                 --djm, 2002.11.08

I like your site.
                 --d fresh, 2002.11.11

Oh Man, what I coincidence! I love the pilot precise pens too! I keep one on my desk at home, work, and in my backpack. I'm consciously more happy to write with them. I'm not normally attached to any brand, especially when it comes to mundane things like Pens, but you've hit the mark on this one.
                 --LS, 2002.11.14

I remember that Tufts cult. They even created an email account whose names was Ben Acon so that his username would be bacon. Crazy.
                 --respirit, 2002.11.19

i love your gamebutton arcade, it's so cute and simplistic :D
       , 2002.11.19

Hey, if ya like chess (and you may), you'll surely enjoy this link: ! Unless you've seen it before. In which case you'll just be bored. Anyway, great blog.
                 --Kiru Banzai, 2002.11.21

Great link on Osama Bin Laden this morning. Unfortunately I have lost confidence in the American people to respond rationally to anything... For Your and Mo's sake... I'd really think seriously about Canada, New Zealand or one of the Scandanavian countries... where folks seem to be a bit more rational.. and the governments less corrupt. I don't see any way our political/social/economic system is going to be fixed... until there's a major breakdown.
                 --bozo, 2002.11.23

Roman empire ? Not so far fetched. has some good reading.. Look at 'The Men Who Stole the Show'...
                 --bozo, 2002.11.25

hey. liked the jscript games, you could do 2D pong though using _ - ...
                 --taras, 2002.11.30

Kirk! Hey man, get on the ball with the Blender! We feel like your neglected stepchildren...
                 --a Blenderite, 2002.12.07

I've heard persistent rumors that they are going to build an IKEA in east somerville, which is an industrial wasteland at present.
                 --john sawers, 2002.12.09

Remember that fear is the number one tool for controlling people. The folks in power know this quite well.
                 --bozo325, 2002.12.10

Kirk, my name is kirk too. you're weird. but people say that about me too. peace.
                 --kirk , 2002.12.16

Hi... Hello, World!!!
                 --Max Wertis Kaloi, 2002.12.18

Now that's not fair - you changed it, (guess that means the rulebook went)and where's today's entry? Never take me too seriously, Kirk, I don't take you that seriously. Just a cheeky Aussie. Love your sites & random quotes.
                 --Chances, 2002.12.19

The war plans go back a ways... Exerpt from an article on ---------------- the current scheme was a roughcast devised by Likudite Richard Perle. In 1996, Perle (and Douglas Feith) wrote "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," which he presented to then Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu. The plan called for not only eliminating Hussein and installing a Hashemite monarchy in Baghdad, but also for trashing the Oslo Accords, Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and overthrowing or destabilizing the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Perle's master plan for Likud regional dominance (otherwise known as "Greater Israel") was crafted for the Jerusalem and Washington, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS). It's out there on the web..
                 --your name, 2002.12.20

Merry Christmas
                 --your name, 2002.12.24

I'd rather be the king of dev\null than a mere serf in \root !
                 --bozo, 2002.12.26

good bye 2002
                 --you know who, 2002.12.31

I'm like HIV+ to you?? I am so gonna drink out of your glass tonight.
                 --Brooke "laid off" Tarnoff, 2002.12.31

                 --your name, 2003.01.05

You too are getting the sense that the country is in mortal peril. Funny thing is even my most conservative friends/relatives, staunch republicans and businessmen... think Bush is a dangerous crackpot. This constrasts with his 'glowing' public opinion polls. I think there is a tremendous undercurrent of alarm and dissatisfaction that only needs a catalyst to surface. The democrats are either too timid or too controlled to speak up.
                 --bozo, 2003.01.06

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