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KHftCEA 0.1
KHftCEA 0.1

(kirk's home for the clinically easily amused)
Pilot  the gift to shuffle yer bits
as you sits and as you shits...
'twilight fuckin' zone' --sara of sQ,
                       somewhere in PA
body language; one person's leg subtley hooked around another's, a hand casually placed on a thigh: are the signals only meant for the recepient?
Shake yo' money-maker
OPER -seen @ MIT 10-250
whats it mean?
"and if I sometimes sow the ... strawberries of discord, then others willingly serve them at their tables"
   the dragon waiting, john m. ford 334
"whatever is the matter with our being friends, who love?"
ibid 362
what will become of Rebekah & Kirk?
What does she look for in love?
What bothers me alot: how does/did she see us when she + D. are safely an item, but she objects strongly when I use the shorthand "half of an item, sorta" to describe her + me?  What are/were we to her?  
Sometimes so much more than her other romantic interests, sometimes less.
"Remember, there's no problem so complex it can't be solved by killing everyone even remotely associated with it."  ljd, Scorched Earth Party

"Now," said the voice of lock and window-bar,
"You must confront things as they truly are.
Open your eyes at last, and see
The desolateness of reality."

"Things have," I said, "a pallid, empty look,
Like pictures in an unused coloring book."

"Now that the scales have fallen from your eyes,"
Said the sad hallways, "you must recognize
How childishly your former sight
Salted the world with glory and delight."

"This cannot be the world," I said, "Nor will it,
Til the heart's crayon spangle and fulfill it."
          --RICHARD WILBUR
new argument for moody street restaurants: parking parking parking
R, i could so bite your shoulder now
"you're such a sensitive boy that sometimes I just wanna slap you really hard."--Aimee Lortskell
"Some drink deeply from the river of knowledge. Others only gargle."
          --Author Unknown
                     gargle on, Kirk!
Kirk the Lurk
    "    the Jerk
          "I don't know what to do with all that potential," he said.
          She exhaled slowly, looked at him. "I'm sorry."
          "Sleep well," he nodded, turned out the door, not quite shutting it behind him.
                                --March 22, 1997
The lady of the porcelain department
Smiles at the world through a set of false teeth.
She is business-like and keeps a pencil in her hair

But behind her sharpened eyes take flight
The summer evenings in the park
And heated nights in second story dance halls.

Man's life is powerless and brief and dark
It is not possible for me to make her happy.
after a bad call in a baseball game:
Yogi Bera: "What would you do if I called you a fucking asshole?"
Umpire: "I'd throw you right out of this game."
Yogi: "Well, I guess I'll just have to THINK IT."
Morons and fools lie down beside me.
This is stranger than i've ever known.
Flights of fancy leave every hour.
The hint was caught but never quite thrown.
Insecurity knocks once in a while.  Invite her in.  Sit down, have coffee with her.  And once you have heard Insecurity out for a while, take that sugar spoon and poke her in the eye.
                                --Erica Bial
"Damn it, James, I'm as Almish as the next guy, but if we don't take out that sub there won't be a Pennsylvania to return TO."
the rain in spain falls mainly on me.
When it comes to love throw the dice.
Embrace fate. What's the price?
Nothing you can't afford to lose:
Loneliness, some rights to choose;
Solitaire,  insecurity,
Unstructured life, virginity.
Youse pays yer dime youse takes yer chances--
Sometimes that is all romance is.
For centuries the game's gone on
And will be played once you are gone.
Don't know the rules? Then fake them.
Romances are half what you make 'em.
Here's the point, (duly noted)
Babe, you'll find these dice are loaded.
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