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KHftCEA 1999-05.2 May
KHftCEA 1999-05.2 May
Got a new alarm clock with big old numbers.  You know, I'm kind of nostalgic about the old one.  It's been in my family since the 70s, I remember it sitting in the bathroom throughout highschool, and of course it's been by my bedside through college and beyond.  Possible Blender Ramble material.
Dear Social Arbiters:
          I hear you can tell what kind of a lover a man is by the way he dances. Is that true?
Dear Melissa:
          Yes, it's simple. A man who is a good dancer is not a good lover. No one knows why this is true. No evidence about women has yet been published.
                     Social Arbiters
--Cynthia Heimel, "But Enough About You"
Through the twilight,
I can hear the humming
Of a melancholy tune.
For the memories that still linger,
I thank you Mr. Moon.
And, although I've never smiled,
Winter, summer, autumn too,
Now here's one tune to remind me
why I feel so blue...
Tubas in the Moonlight
Playing for me all night
Tell me what I want to hear...
Am I only dreamin'?
Am I only schemin?
Stars above me,
shining brightly...
Why can't she be
sitting here beside me?
Tubas in the moonlight
Will bring my loved ones home
--Dave Gannett, "Tubas From Hell"
Remember: revenge is the best revenge.
--Cynthia Heimel, "But Enough About You"
Even the broken letters of the heart
Spell...Earth. [...]
Even the earth of the brokenhearted can heal
--Daniel Thompson (in Spare Change)
"Lips kissed for the first time are kissed forever."
--Sandra Bernhard, "Love, Love, Love"
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