portfolio: dataviz and ui experiments

I've always loved the idea of visually expressing quantified information and enabling humans to see and explore facts that might otherwise be opaque. I also like making variations of web interactions that surprise and/or delight.

data visualizations

phototimearch (2021)

Playing with compressing a life of decades onto a screen in an evocative way

hooptime (2014)

I was able to visually express how my mind implicitly visualizes days of a week and months / seasons of a year

sunrisesunset (2007)

With the earth's procession, just how dark how early does it get?

thanksgivukkah (2013)

In 2013 Hanukkah started on Thanksgiving - which won't recur for 70K years.

stateshademap (2018)

Visualization and tool of test results plotted by state (2015)

A tool to calculate your 10K day and other "weird milestones", or to play with date arithmetic between two dates.

day-of-week (2023)

Using ChatGPT to code an enhanced version of an old "day of the week for given date" tool

transpose (2018)

A mobile-friendly cheatsheet for notes and fingerings of C, Bb, and Eb instruments

blended (2009)

Rolling my own graph for the rise and fall of the Blender of Love

monty hall (2006)

An interactive version of the brainteaser showing why you should always switch.

gowen (2013)

Calculator for a friend's idea of "interesting tip amounts"

martinFAIL (2009)

A visually drab yet psychologically compelling simulation of the "martingale" system of roulette bet-doubling.

ui shenanigans

gamebuttons (2002)

Can you make an entire playable game all in a single regular pushbutton?

clippy maker (2023)

Goofy little toy to make 90's "Clippy" style jokes.

ezslots (2015)

Once briefly popular, a slot machine effect in html5.

fgrtext (2019)

A toy/tool for play with figure/ground reversal text.

colorfade (2009)

Fade between two hex RGB values with any number of steps

early prototypes

juicypick (2011)

Proposal to get beyond the drab dropdown or radio group in a "juicy" way

carousel (2011)

"Swinger", an early JQuery prototype / example of a carousel.

bouncy topicgrid (2012)

Prototype for a request for bounce and zoom into the hovered topic