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First off...yes, I know making a list of your game collection with categories, grades, and comments is about THE nerdiest thing you can do. But this has a purpose...if I'm inviting 3-10 people over for games, it can be nice to let them know what I have rather than relying on the old standbyes or my own recollection to pick what to play next.

And I do loves me them multiplayer games... it's just a fun way to socialize and compete a bit.

So here it is...not neccesarily exhaustive, but I think I got pretty much most of them. Sorted by system, then sorted and ranked by how much fun I'd say my gaming group has had on it. It really wasn't as much work as it may look.

Some Games I have that want to try in a group: M.U.L.E. on the NES emulator...extremely well regarded strategy, resource management, auctioning game-- tried it once but it got a little confusing.

At some point I really want to get 4 GBAs together and get that 4 player Legend of Zelda game.

(haven't gotten around to updating the new systems. can't believe how geeky the lists below are.)

Wii Sports
Rayman Raving Rabids
Warioware Smooth Moves
Mario Party 8
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz
Mario Strikers Charged

Xbox 360:
Blitz: The League
TMNT Arcade
Halo/Halo 2
Super Smash BrosbrawlerHIGH+ Fantastic brawler.
WarioWareminigamesHIGH Short attention span theater!
Mario TennissportsHIGH Good tennis, though with powerups it gets a little weird.
Super Monkey Ball 2minigamesHIGH "Target" is a huge favorite, Punch and Dogfight are decent as well
Mario Kart Double DashracerHIGH Solid racer,
Pac Man VsneoretroHIGH One player on the GBA screen, 3 ghosts with a more limited
Time Splitters 2 and 3fpsHIGH- Nice frenetic FPS fun from the folks who brought you Golden Eye... fun character design, not too original weapons...
Mario Party 6minigamesHIGH- I <3 Minigames
BomberMan GenerationsneoretroHIGH- Fun running around blowing each other up.
Soul Calibur 2fighterHIGH- Classic one on one fighter
XIIIfpsmedium+ Stylish FPS
Tetris Attack/Dr. Mario/Yoshi's Cookieretromedium+ Some nice competitive puzzle-y fun
Midway Arcade Treasures 3:retromedium+ Badlands, Super Off Road both for 3 old school arcade head to head racing action
Donkey Kongarhythmmedium+ Fun with drums! Of which I have two sets.
Sega Soccer Slamsportsmedium National Stereotype fun...
Blitz Prosportsmedium Violent wacky sports.
F-Zero Xracermedium- Pretty fast-paced racer, not as good as N64 maybe
Worms 3Dneoretro??? Can the all time classic do well in 3D?
Star Fox Assaultvehicle shooter??? Small arenas, visually cool, underrated.
Mario Strikers NEW!sports??? A bit like Soccer Slam, more players, wackier...
HaloFPSHIGH+ Much beloved. 2P Co-Op
Halo 2FPSHIGH Progeny. 2P Co-op is pretty cool.
Fuzion Frenzyminigamesmedium+ I really like some of the minigames, but other ones are awful.
Midway Arcade Treasuresretromedium Joust,Smash TV (2 players)
Rampart, Rampage, Super Sprint (3 players)
Crimson Skiesvehicle shootermedium Great "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" visuals, a little simplistic multiplayer
DOOM IIIfpsmedium Collector's edition w/ splitscreen Doom I and II...great fun for people who played it to death back in the day.
Kung Fu Chaosbrawlerlow+ "Wacky" brawler...
Conker Live and Unloadedshooter??? Some minigames in there...
Brute Forceshooter??? Wannabe? Might have a fun 4P Co-Op mode
Worms: World PartyneoretroHIGH++ Probably THE classic party game...though a little slowpaced at times
Quake IIIFPSHIGH Fast frenetic FPS... I love the rocket launcher. Weirdly irritating setup screens.
Power Stone 2brawlerHIGH- Four players tuking it out in a 3D arena
Soul CaliburfighterHIGH- probably eclipsed by its sequel, but not bad.
Chu Chu RocketneoretroHIGH- TOO MANY MICE!
SF Rush 2049racer/stuntsmedium+ Unforgiving racer, plus an odd ball stunt mode.
Power Stonefightermedium Neat cartoonish fighter
Marvel vs Capcomfightermedium Fun arcade fighter
All NES gamesretromedium- Some good 2 player games in there, like Archon, plus I REALLY want to try MULE one of these days.
Red Dogvehicle shooter??? Kind of like tanks
Mario Kart 64racerHIGH Hop hop hop...still plays well.
Super Smash BrosbrawlerHIGH Plays a little slow and clunky relative to Gamecube
Mario Party 1 2 3minigamesHIGH- Minigames galore.
Mario TennissportsHIGH- Solid Tennis game
MicroMachinesracerHIGH- Really neat little isometric racing game
Conker's Bad Fur DayminigamesHIGH- "Beach Assault" is great fun, Nazi Teddy Bears sniping French Resistance Squirrels.
Battle TanxBattle Tanx Global Assaultvehicle shooterHIGH- Fun 2 player story mode.... I LOVE TANK GAMES
Xenabrawlermedium+ 4 player brawler, not too bad really.
Diddy Kong Racingracermedium+ 2 player co-op. For my money a better racer than Mario Kart, with cool battle modes, but in a race, there's no "rubberbanding"
Blitz 2000sportsmedium Oldschool clunky violent sports fun
GoldenEyeFPSmedium Well regarded.
Forsakenvehicle shootermedium Sawers loves this one. Confusing for the rest of us.
The New Tetrisretromedium A classic. Not the best 4 player puzzle game though.
F-ZeroXracermedium- Fast paced fun racer...glad there's an unlock everything code.
StarFoxvehicle shootermedium- Eh, ok for a few laughs
Pokemon Puzzle League (2)neoretrolow+ Head to head, one of the best games ever.
DK64minigameslow+ Some odd little FPS and brawlery games in there
Rampage World Tourretrolow Bleh.

PS2 has some ok spectator games, the Grand Theft Auto series, Katamari Damacy, Dance Dance Revolution...