kirk's works
On the building of the Tower

Sanity Smith
Clanging Poem

Prose poem after the dream

A prose poem inspired by a few line off of the Net

the loss of loss
The melancholy of moving on.

Part of the Charm
Finding something there, evan after the fact

Fries With That
A prose poem on how grease can help you determine love

A Fire Knows
A somewhat obscure metaphor

Comes To Love
Playful instructions

Sea and Room Poem
A somewhat overdone study in seperation

Yee and Lan
Romantic Fairytale of Two Planets

Cafe at Night
Short Story about a future that never was. More people have written me about this one than anything else I've written

Jake and Lydia
13 part story of the romance of two musicians

Frog Named Bobo
The trials of the first real singing frog

Love Letters From Strangers
A kind of compilation piece, with some new writing

Angels and Sam
A college work about the ordinary divine.

Love Bites
On the spirituality of frozen treats

What secrets can be found in a pile of clothes?

A mug of cider, a loaf of bread, and thou-

The physics of two people loving.

Trying to capture the moment of a hot late summer night.

To Sleep
Speaking her to sleep.