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a new thing

December 30, 2000
I've decided to revamp my frontpage. From now on it's going to have fresh content, maybe even on a daily basis. Ramblings and 'Dear Diary' crap mostly, but some links and quotes, maybe some images.

I know it's kind of silly to think that anyone's going to be all that interested in what I have to say on daily basis. That's not quite why I'm doing it though. I want to get in the habit of writing more. Hopefully putting it in a public place will get me to write to a higher standard. Maybe I'll use spellcheck.

I redesigned the frontpage to go along with this new information format, and I like the way it came out. (You can see the old layout here though the images and links may not quite work.) I still have some more work to do... I need to put up a simple editing system for this content, and a way of viewing past frontpage entries.

I owe some thanks to a guy who goes by the name of seuratt. (Met him at Brooke and Elena's holiday party, he was going by a different name there). The 'dialogue' section of his website kind of inspired this.

Anyway, that's enough introduction.

That huge snow storm they promised hasn't panned out yet, but I suppose if all this rain freezes it'll be pretty slick. Man, I hate winter in New England.

Quote of the Moment:
"Given the choice between accomplishing something and just lying around, I'd rather lie around. No contest."
--Eric Clapton(found on Slashdot)

"Winter a Go Go" is on AMC now, after The Day The Earth Stood Still. "Winter A Go Go" is a 1965 ski bunny version of the "beach blanket" movies of the time. So bad it's... well, not good exactly, but interesting. Good background video.

am i a 'blog?

December 31, 2000
So, this is day two of the new page.

I'm trying to figure out how this fits into weblogging culture. I never thought of trying to start a weblog, because I always viewed them as sites that do the websurfing for you, and I don't do much websurfing myself. But according to Rebecca Blood's Weblog History piece (brokenly linked from the NY Times piece on the trend), there's a general trend to more journal like 'blogs anyway. So maybe I'm closer to a trend than I would've guessed. And I do plan to put in interesting links that I find, as well as mentioning any books I read or movies worth mentioning.

Writing a public journal changes the way you think, in a good way. It encourages you to try to think in broader terms, to not just experience but to analyze, and analyze in a way that might make good copy.

Enough of the navel gazing. (Not that it matters so much given the likely size of my audience, but hey.) My friend Peterman reintroduced to an online comic Sinfest. (A cow-orker had shown me "Who's Yer Deity" before, but I didn't pay much attention.) Anyway, it's a very irreverent strip, likely to offend the traditionally religious (though I think there's a theist element to it) as well as the prudish. Some of the strips bring up some interesting points. "Pooch", in particular, has a very Zen (and Dog-like) Be-in-the-Moment attitude that you can see in "Conscious Again", one of the "Play" strips, and especially a certain one of the "New Ball" strips.

Quote of the Moment:
"Life is a shit sandwich. But if you've got enough bread, you can't taste the shit."
--Jonathan Winters (found in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, Vol. 11)

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