The meaning of life, 80s music, and memes

January 2, 2001
80s music makes me a little sad sometimes. Born in 1974, I was a little young for most of it. And culturally unaware after that, until at least the 90s. (Weird Al was my gateway drug to pop culture music.) I like dancing to it at this one club, but when I see collections of it advertised on TV, I'm more aware of the passing of time... maybe it is the way a whole genre of music has come and gone in my lifetime.

She blinded me with science, baby.

On the Usenet group alt.atheism, someone was asking for opinions as to the meaning of life. I rambled for a bit about genes and memes, (maybe I'll add a link when it shows up on Deja) and ended with this:

But if you want a simple answer:
Here are the three meaningful things in life: being happy, being kind & patient & generous, and being interesting.
I dunno, I thought it was pretty good summation of what I think, what I feel.

Speaking of memes, there's a meme-centric Church of Virus I want to check out. I wonder how it stacks up to Vonnegut's Bokononism (or the Church of the Subgenius) in terms of jokey religions.