feeding cats

January 4, 2001
Feeding Time for Cat:
Cat: Meow. Merrow. Meow. Rowwr. Meow
Me: Yeah, yeah, I'm getting your food already!
Cat: Rowwr. Meow. Merrrrow.
Me: Ok, ok, I get it! You're hungry! Look, I'm getting your food!
Cat: Meow. Rowwwr. Mew. Meow. Merrow.
Me: Cat, shut up!
Cat: Merrow. Meow. Meow. Rowwr.
Me: Cat, look. There is no correlation between you meowing incessantly and me feeding you. Ok, yes, sorry, there is. But correlation is not causation! Don't you know correlation is not causation? Nimrod, I'd feed you even if you weren't meowing like a mofo! Can you get it through your little almond sized brain that there is not causation here?? Your meowing is not getting you more food or making me move any more quickly!
Cat: Meow. Mew. Merrow. Meow.
Me: Gah!

There are a lot of websites that try to be funny, but a much smaller number that make me laugh out loud. Yesterday's Cruel Site of the Day was Cliff Yablonski Hates You. This is a very mean site that takes on the persona of two-fisted Cliff as he makes fun of people in all of these pictures, in the spirit of the infamous Fat Chicks in Party Hats and Fugly. These sites are not for everyone, (it might be a 'guy' thing, and not a sensitive new age guy thing either,) they are mean and sometimes you feel sorry for the people in the pictures, but usually it's very funny, with pictures that just shouldn't have been taken getting their karmic reward.

Quote of the Moment:
"The world's full of offensive knickknacks, Yahoo, have fun banning it all."
--slashdot.org Yahoo Kuckles Under

Yahoo caving into the French and banning all Nazi memorabilia, theoretically not because the French government was suing their butts, really rubs me the wrong way. It sets a bad precedent that the World Wide Web will be under the jurisdiction of the most conservative judiciary that has jurisdiction over any non-trivial population of Web users. And it's just plain censorship.