Went with my Uncle last night to see the Boston Symphony Orchestra, he has season tickets. I feel the pull between my white- and blue-collar leanings there. It makes me realize that there aren't all that many things I go to these days where everyone is dressed up.

The advertisements in the program are a little disturbing, blatant pitches to Boston old money ("Fiduciary Trust: Personal Investment Management and Trust Services for Family Wealth. Why do prosperous individuals and families entrust over $10 billion of assets to our care?", some homes from Coldwell Banker Huneeman Previews International for a mere $1.8 to $6.9 million) and a large number of ads for Senior Care and Retirement Communities. (Quote of the Moment: "The sun setting is no less beautiful than the sun rising" over 4 images of women at different ages, in chronological order, an ad for "Life Care Centers of America". It's a nice thought, but kind of creepy.)

The most listenable piece last night was Stravinsky's Four Norwegian Moods. It was also the only piece with a tuba. I'm afraid to announce that I believe this is largely coincidence. Although I used to play the beast, when I hear it now it sounds rather... I dunno, blatty. The tone is very impure, compared to the string basses or even other brass, such as the french horn. And frankly it looks pretty darn goofy.