cats and clergy and alien bob

January 16, 2001
Incident of the Moment
Our neutered boy cat has started humping our spayed girl cat. Man, I know we should necessarily judge cats by our standards of conduct, but sheesh. That's just icky.

Joke of the Moment
Scenario: A bishop (B) and a rabbi (R) are sharing a train compartment. After a short while, the two men of the cloth start relating some of their past life experiences...

(General conversation...)

B: So tell me, rabbi, have you ever actually tasted ham?

R: Well yes, in fact. Once when I was very young and daring, I tried it. But only the once...

(short pause)

R: So tell me bishop, have you ever ... enjoyed the comforts of a young woman?

B: Well, ahem, yes... before I took my vows, mind you, when I was not so old and not so wise...

(another short pause)

R: Zo, it's better than ham, hmm?

--John Henshaw, via rec.humor.funny.reruns

Defunct Link of the Moment
A while back I was cruising Domain Surfer (the best way to see what domains are free or taken... another addition for that hypothetical best ever links list). I must've been checking out the namespace near my own when I found At the time, the site had nothing but a block of some odd animation of Bill Gates morphing into a devil. I wrote the site and asked what the story was... the owner said once for some Model-UN type experiment set on modeling the politics and economy of a colony on Mars he decided to simulate a dictatorship based on Alien Bob. Alas, the domain is no more, and Alien Bill now stands alone.