January 29, 2001
Ramble of the Moment
Watching the Superbowl. Actually, Sting in the pregame show (for his desert rose song, it's kind of odd, the dancers keep showing us their underwear and pantyhose... must be poorly designed costumes.) Man, String singing bad covers of his greatest hits... ugh.

Anyway, It's 5:48 pm. It's light in Florida but dark here. I live too far North. It's not just the cold, but the dark as well. Darn it all to heck. At least then it would be warm.

Funny Link of the Moment
In the spirit of Wicked Spanish and Wicked French, it's the Zompist Phrasebook.

Political TechnoProtest
The protestors in Switzerland have come up with this cool way of getting their message to the Davos delegates.

Quote of the Moment
As I said in Ansible 152 about another piece of technology, "I may be as disappointed in this as I was in the error-correcting modem, the magnetic stud finder, the universal remote control, and the Radio Shack male-to-female, female-to-male conversion kit."