two digit years

January 31, 2001
Two Digit Years
I guess it's pretty natural for us to think in terms of two digit years, given both our lifespans (often under a century) and our attention spans (often under a minute or so-- though I'm thinking of our tendency to use decades as era-markers.)

Anyway, we're going from the two digit year being a much larger number than most of our ages, to much less. Right now we're too distracted by the rollover to notice, but I think in a few decades we'll be surprised to notice how old we are relative to the year... I'll be 44 in '18, for instance. I think the trick will be to keep growing, learning, and changing... I've heard it says that our awareness of time passing is intimately related to rate of change, so if you stay static, the years are more likely to slip away un-noticed. (My journals over the last 4 years have helped a lot in having something to show for that time. It's not much, but it's mine.)

Imaginary Quote of the Moment

That's me in the corner... that's me in the spotlight... Fundin' my Religion
All the anti-abortionists saying "My tax dollars funding this in foriegn lands, no way!" seem to pretty quiet about the idea that my tax dollars might be supporting the spreading of religous doctrine I disagree with. On the other hand, I've seen the work The Salvation Army, and how they have one of the lowest overheads in terms of percentages.