hasta la vista baby

February 5, 2001
Watched Terminator 2 the other day. Man, that has some nightmarish scenes, especially where Sarah Connor is dreaming of the nuclear blast, and you see the wall of fire taking out the buildings, blowing apart the ashes of the people on the playground... yikes. Also when that one programmer guy (Dyson) is on the dead man's switch to blow up the building, hyperventilating from fear... it's unusual to see a hero in a movie like this who shows emotion other than gritty determination.

Hey, my company starts up at the Arsenal Office Campus today. Should be an interesting place to work. I don't know if I should walk it or drive it. I feel lame driving it, but if I walk it I might get the impression that that's enough exercise for the day, when really I'm not even breaking a sweat.

Link of the Moment
Got the Valentine Edition of the loveblender up yesterday. It took a bit longer than I expected (well, I also had to wait for Mo to download some sun java tutorial files. She seems to be getting the core ideas pretty quickly.

Joke of the Moment
>> Please give me the top ten uses for silk scarves.
>> I need to know for a report I am writing. Well,
>> that and Zixia is arriving in 10 days.
>1. Dance of a thousand scarves (Highlights package)

I must have missed that issue when I was last at the dentist.

GOOFUS just whips all the scarves off while dancing and gets instantly naked. GALLANT teases and hints with the scarves, leaving those he dances for increasingly aroused.
GOOFUS binds the wrists of his victims to his bedpost with silk scarves, just before stabbing them with an icepick. GALLANT blindfolds his partner in the kitchen, and seductively shoves strawberries, bananas, and other food products down their throats.
--Dean Lenort via alt.humor.best-of-usenet via alt.religion.kibology