damn lies, statistics

February 6, 2001
SPAM of the Moment
You were referred to me as someone who was ready for a Financial Breakthrough!
it's even harder to take this kind of come-on seriously from a guy named "nipplebaby@hotmail.com".

Quote of the Moment
There's something ironic about you having a machine named 'Placid'
John Trussell at work, where most of our PCs are named after bodies of water.

I made up a program to analyze the logs on kisrael.com, in general it works on one day at a time. It came up with the following: for 05/Feb/2001:
frontpage: 43 hits 31 unique ip
overall: 2359 hits 67 unique ip
(the kisrael.com frontpage got loaded 43 times, from 31 unique IPs (roughly meaning that many desktops), and over all 2359 pages got loaded, from 67 different IPs)

Anyway, I realized I could run the same script on the loveblender log:
for 05/Feb/2001:
frontpage: 2789 hits 2009 unique ip
overall: 42174 hits 3387 unique ip

That's a lot of unique users!