gotta have heart

February 23, 2001
Quote of the Moment
Well there are parts of Unix that have timeless qualities.
But cron... 70s as disco.
Me to Lee on AOL-IM

Virtual Candy
A little bit late for Valentine's Day, it's the Make Your Own Candy Heart. A chance to see how creative you can be with a maximum of 4 letters each on 2 lines. I guess Mo and I are lucky to have such short names...(via Cruel Site)

Rant of the Moment
VisualCafe. Visual Source Safe. Visual C++. Visual Interdev. What the hell? Were the previous versions designed for the blind, or what? It makes it harder for me to find the right icon when all I can see on the task bar are buttons captioned "Visua...", I have to rely on the damn icon, and it slows me down. Dang that's irritating.