go court go

February 22, 2001
Rant of the Moment
The Supreme Court is going nuts. It wasn't enough the undid the presidential election, now they're trying to overturn what the Civil War said about states' rights. Hey geniuses, the Eleventh Amendment stops people from suing other states, not their own. I hate the way Congress uses Federal funds to exert control over states, but that's the only option they're going to have to back up the ADA. What the heck. State legislatures can be such yahoos, this feels like the inmates being given run of the asylum.

Sheesh. Way to make new law court.

And this is before Bush makes any new Supreme Court appointments! Maybe Congress will be so ticked off at its power being cut that they'll be less likely to approve a hyperconservative state's righter.

Game of the Moment
My online pal and role-model Ranjit was on a team that just got another game published at the shockwave site: It's called Loop and it's really beautiful in its simplicity. Draw lines around butterflies, that's it. Plus nicely stylized graphics (Think the Hungry Caterpillar) and good music. Its play mechanic is a bit like the old Vector game Quantum, but Ranjit says they independently came up with the line drawing idea. Not that it matters so much, it's still a good and innovative game.

Art Quote of the Moment
Sorry Rob. I don't think 'Being a Dork' qualifies as being a performance piece. And bringing in your laundry hoping someone will do it for you is not a multimedia installation.