March 5, 2001
Staying home away from the snow... they're comparing this to the blizzard of '78 (the one I was on the island of St. Thomas for, when I was like 3.) I wonder how it will compare to the winter I saw at Tufts in 1992...

Observation of the Moment
Why it's a good thing tattos have an age requirement in 5 words: "Harry Potter Forehead Scar Tattoos"
Inspired by a Mark Parisi "off the mark" cartoon.

Image of the Moment
"That tanker split like a melon when it tore through the zoo's chain link fence. Sulfuric acid was everywhere."
"Oh, that's horrible. Was anybody hurt?"
"Thank goodness, no. But now I'll be haunted for all eternity by the image of penguins screaming as they dissolve."

Thought of the Moment
Anyone who says life is short really isn't paying attention.