hob knob job

March 9, 2001
Rant of the Moment
Mo's waiting to hear about a new job. For a while she was so fed up that she was considering quitting even she didn't have her next gig lines up, just to get out of there. Talking with some cow-orkers who had been laid-off convinced her otherwise, that just like the classic "the bank will lend money to people who have money," it's much easier to land a new job when you have one already. What's up with that? Shouldn't the business world try to move beyond the politics of high school dating? "Well, we're looking for employees who will be really loyal, who will really give their all for the company. Tell me, are you willing to sneak off from work and interview with us on Tuesday?"

Story of the Moment
And so [Abraham] took Isaac to a certain place and prepared to sacrifice him but at the last minute the Lord stayed Abraham's hand and said "How could thou doest such a thing?"

And Abraham said, "But Thou said--"

"Never mind what I said," the Lord spake, "Doth thou listen to every crazy idea that comes thy way?" And Abraham grew ashamed. "Err--not really, no."

"I jokingly suggest thou sacrifice Isaac and thou immediately runs out to do it."

And Abraham fell to his knees, "See, I never know when You're kidding."

And the Lord thundered, "No sense of humor. I can't believe it."

"But doth this not prove I love Three, that I was willing to donate my only son on Thy whim?"

And the Lord said, "It proves that some men will follow any order no matter how asinine as long as it comes from a resonant, well-modulated voice."

And with that, the Lord bid Abraham to get some rest and check with Him tomorrow.