March 19, 2001
Went ice-skating for the first time in my life yesterday with some of the Tufts Band Lemmings gang. It's a lot of fun, better than roller blading, just mostly because of the novelty of being on a big field of ice and not falling on my butt. I think I was pretty good for a first timer (possibly because of the roller blading I think.) There were a lot of kids there. At first that was a little annoying, but then I thought of them as forming a big obstacle course, or maybe a mine field. Then it was even more fun!

Movie Quote of the Moment
Corky: You know what the difference is between you and me, Violet?
Violet: No.
Corky: Me neither.

--from Bound, the first movies from the as the Wachowski Brothers who would later bring us The Matrix. That is a great closing romantic line to a neat neo-noir film.