funny costumes

March 21, 2001
Life's going a bit crazy right now, layoffs to the left of me, layoffs to the right of me, layoffs all around me! But I'll muddle through.

Funny Costumes of the Moment
A lot of funny costumes on this page, 70s Live Action Kid Vid. All these cheese shows that lived on in syndication in the 80s... I remember the Bugaloos, but somehow missed out on the even more famous H.R.Pufnstuf. Anyways, this is a really well researched page.

A little closer to home was this Great Space Coaster tribute. I loved this show when I was a kid. I can hear the theme song now, and then the brilliance of Speed Reader and Gary Gnu... wow.

Finally it's Kaiju. I saw a sticker with the URL at the men's room for the Upstairs Lounge in Boston. It looks like people making up some more of these elaborate costumes and duking it out. The FAQ says it got its start at the School of the MFA, where I took some of my first programming classes (they had a tie in with Tufts.)