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Link of the Moment
Last night I caught the end of an HBO special on the making of Spencer Tunick's Naked States exhibit. He went across the United States, taking a picture of someone unclothed in each one. The shots are really well-crafted, and over all there's an interesting message about how we deal with body image in this culture. The documentary was interesting, the artist sounded a little whiny and neurotic.

We're such prudes about nudity in this country. I've heard people say "well, in Europe they have these topless beaches, and it's totally not a sex thing". Well, actually, no, it is about sex to some extent, and that's ok. A little dose of public sexuality is not a terrible thing. If it was, our country would be in bad shape, because the mass media is soaking in it. (And considering it's almost exclusively the pretty people who get naked on television, it's not surprising so many people have such body image issues... of course, our relationship with food doesn't help that either.) Anyway...

Quote of the Moment
"So much ouch to this life. So few Band-Aids."