school days

April 22, 2001
Start my new job tomorrow. I think it'll be good to get that kind of structure back in my life, though I'll miss the free time I had. Still, I usually manage to make the time I need before and after work, so I'm not too worried.

Link of the Moment
I've kind of rediscovered my old academic website. This isn't my original design, but rather one I made after college. It's kind of interesting, though very old-school. Kirk's Head is kind of disturbing. The Bestiary is odd-- I was going through a phase where I was very interested in small, self-contained representations of creatures, almost as a form of artificial life. If there was a background in it, I wasn't as interested, because it broke the idea of image=creature. The link section there is sort of random. The funny thing is, I'm trying the same thing again, though this time I'm being very very picky about what goes in there. (Hopefully I'll have a big grand-opening of my 'best links page ever' in a few days.)

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