Finally making some progress on loveblender ii-- yesterday I opened up account creation and account-based-comment-boarding to the masses.

Quote of the Moment
Albert Camus is known to most as an existential writer and philosopher. But to me, he was much more. To me, Camus was the best damn table magician that ever lived. When I watched Albert handle a deck of cards, roll a franc across his fingers, or vanish a Gauloise, it didn't bother me that we were living in a random, godless universe. As a matter of fact, I liked it.
Penn Jillette, "Kamus, King of Cards"

Link of the Moment
NASA's Great Zooms from Space is really cool (it's been kicking around slashdot and camworld.) Movies that start from space and end up zoomed in on an American city. San Francisco is especially good, because of the way it involves the coast. Orlando's pretty good too-- I'm trying to figure out if it's the Epcot ball or what there at maximum zoom.