megamo and megakirk

April 30, 2001
Wow. Put in a marathon session on blender ii yesterday. I wanted to get it so people could submit new poems using the new system before the end of the month. There's still a lot of development work I have to put it in to make the front page picks and new digest, but over all I'm happy with where I managed to get it.

Link of the Moment
When I was in high school, MegaMan was one of my favorite game series. The MegaMan Matrix is a great worship site for this group of games (after a while it became known for a long series of not-too-innovative sequels.) Part of the appeal was that every time your character defeated the 'boss' of one of the boards, he got that boss's weapon. But more than that, I think I liked the character design, these tightly drawn and animated characters of a bio-cyber- future. You can see what I mean on the BubbleMan stage page (from MegaMan 2, arguably the best in the series.) It had a 'sea' theme, and all those creatures fought against you. (Not shown are the tiny tiny (yet explosive) microfrogs "Kero" released from his mouth... I loved those things. Worth hunting down this game ROM and an emulator.
Anyway, I decided to see what Mo and I would look like as Mega Man characters. (An idea blatantly borrowed and enhanced from the top line of seanbaby's hostess page.) I'm pleased with the result.

Factoid of the Moment
Ted Turner is America's largest landowner, with nearly two million acres, or the rough equivalent of the land era of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.