so generous

Ramble of the Moment
A friend of mine says he was at a really wild MIT party this weekend. Strippers both professional and amateur, participatory mudwrestling, the works. It hit me that I haven't been to very many parties like that; maybe none. And that made me a little sad. Both because of the sheer enthusiastic debauchery of it, and also there's something about public nudity that I am in favor of, for reasons both stimulatory and intellectual.
"The nipples of strangers sometimes means more than those of the ones we love."
And the other thing is, if I'm going to do it I almost have to do it soon, or else I'm going to seem like a lecherous dirty old man... I know this sounds just a few short steps away from those Girls Gone Wild videos they're hawking on TV. And maybe it is. But I remember Garrison Keillor's final entry in his meditation "Postcards", where he suggests the 50 word limit I try to live by, and then follows with examples of the form:
Sunbathing yesterday. A fine woman took off her shirt, jeans, pants, nearby, and lay on her belly, then turned over. Often she sat up to apply oil. Today my back is burned bright red (as St. Paul warns) from my lying and looking at her for so long but who could ignore such beauty and so generous.
It sounds like a line, but that generosity is part of it.

Link of the Moment
The original (well, possibly the 90s rereleased version) Star Wars was on network TV yesterday. It made me think of Star Wars Technical Commentaries. It's an interesting site. The idea is that they take all the technology presented in the Star Wars movies and books at face value, and then try to figure out how the universe works, and more about the socities that would have produced it. It's very cool in a geeky way.