spin in the city

Web Toy of the Moment
This is so cool: dizzycity. They took 360 shots at every intersection in Manhattan. If you know the city at all, maybe even if you don't, it's way fun. 360 degrees, look up, down, zoom in. Here's a shot of my mom's old apartment building at 95th and West End Ave:
(The toy uses even bigger images than this.) Doggone, I miss her apartment there. When she moved, I lost having my own micro-studio apartment that overlooked broadway. (via memepool)

Quote of the Moment
We ought put the Department of Defense together with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Interstate Trucking Commission, and the Fish and Wildlife Service and just call it the Department of Guys.
Michael Lorton, alt.fan.cecil-adams.
Only the first one applies to me though, I'm not much of a guy. Though someone else on the group pointed out it was missing a department of boobies.

News of the Moment
Salon on the Phantom Energy Crisis. Or, as The Onion headline put it, "After Careful Consideration, Bush Recommends Oil Drilling".