to sleep perchance

Link of the Moment
This is so cool... a dream I sent in got selected for illustration on Jesse Reklaw's Slow Wave site. (Here's a local copy.) People say it's a good likeness. Sigh. I always forget how big my lips must look... also it's funny, I think at I sent in this image (in negative) to show him what I looked like. His drawing of me has a shirt barely open over a darker t-shirt, a style I mostly wore in college, and also it's pretty rare that the T was darker than the overshirt. Ah well, it's still really cool (and a little surreal) to be able to relive a dream like that. It's a really fascinating site, illustrating dreams that people send in. You can recognize the strange logic dreams have as you click through the archive.

Dreams are so hard to remember. I know they have a device that can wake you up just as a dream starts, and that's bad for your mental health. I wonder if they could make a machine to gently wake you just after you've had a dream, so that it would be more possible to record it.

Quote of the Moment
If making it in the real world doesn't involve sleeping until noon and playing frisbee all day, I'm totally screwed