I revamped the blog archive. It now shows you a month's worth of entries at a gulp. This makes a better reading experience I think. A lot of places either over- or under-do it when it comes to their archive: either everything at once, or one thing at a time (and generally requiring a lot of clicking...I often write scripts that will, say, take all the image references for a comic site and put them on a single web page, so I can scroll rather than click.)

Quote of the Moment
"Everything," I am told, "tastes better when it's sitting on a Ritz." No exception is made for other Ritzes, so from this statement we can infer that any given stack of Ritz crackers tastes better than any smaller stack of Ritz crackers, and thus the tastiest stack of Ritz crackers is the tallest one that you can fit in your mouth.

Art of the Moment
I was trying to figure out why I had saved this one little special insert from The New Yorker on their covers and I realized it was probably because of this one Eric Drooker painting (local mirror) they used as a cover and had reprinted in it. You can see more of his work at, unfortunately the link for Prints seems to be inactive.