to sleep perchance to learn

June 14, 2001
I was reading the transcript of this lecture by Marvin Minsky, one the pioneers of AI. Interesting guy, I saw him at Tufts. Anyway, he points out a recent finding that seems to indicate that 6-8 hours of sleep is really crucial to learning. (He also points out that a lot of these "proven" theories get thrown out after a couple of years.) Anyway, I wonder why someone hasn't marketed a product to let you monitor your sleepcycles at home. Is it that hard to do?

Funny Link of the Moment
Robert Tilton, the farting evangelist. Wow. This is really, really funny in a 3rd grade kind of way-- but third graders don't have that sense of timing. Click the first link under "Classic Videos". (via cruel site of the day, though I think I saw it on "God Stuff" on The Daily Show once upon a time.)

News Link of the Moment on helping the California energy crises by greatly expanding daylight savings time... all I can say to this off-the-wall suggestion is... ohpleasehpleasehpleasecanwecanwecanwePLEASE???